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If you’re here solely for “recommendations”, you’ll probably be confused and disappointed, but if an ever-evolving cultural time capsule of interesting individuals and what they’re into sounds cool to you, you’re in for a treat ❤️🤘😁🫶

“By showcasing the aesthetics, technologies, and even humor bubbling around various contemporary scenes, the newsletter is less about directing you on how to kit out your own life with the “right” goods, and more about cataloging the various flotsam of our time”
- Vanity Fair

“Perfectly Imperfect has offered a window into the changing guard of New York City’s downtown scene with a deceptively simple premise: Cool people like cool things.”
- The New York Times

Perfectly Imperfect is a project from Tyler Bainbridge and Alex Cushing.

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Charli XCX Dasha NekrasovaJohn WilsonAnna DelveyChloe CherryThe DareSarah SquirmCaroline CallowayNolita DirtbagChris BlackHunter HarrisDebby RyanAnthony FantanoKaitlin PhillipsAli MichaelSamuel Hine Brynn Wallner Madeline QuinnLucien SmithIsabella Lovestory The Drunken CanalWalter Pearce & Honor Levy Aaron WiggsAnnie HamiltonDean KissickRachel Seville TashjianAlex DelanySusan AlexandraHari NefThe Ion PackJon CaramanicaCat MarnellAlison RomanChloe WiseAndrew SavageThrowing FitsAria DeanPetra CortrightJason StewartCatherine CohenRayne Fisher-Quann Blackbird Spyplane Naomi Fry

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