Ali Michael on Soaking Up The Sun, Smoking Weed Sometimes, Bjork Youtube Documentaries, and more.
Aria Dean on Solo Breakfast at Balthazar, Camel Crushes Cigs, Working With Your Friends, and more.
Ruby McCollister on Cheap Purses, Rose Tinted Vaseline, Mod Makeup, and more.
Christopher Chang on Bad Dog Los Angeles, Leaving Gifts with Hotel Concierges, Sweet Charity (1969), and more.
Justin Moran on Addison Rae Demos, Choice Market, Wi Spa, and more.
Tyler and Alex drop in to talk about Frou Frou's 2002 Classic, Bike Helmets, Tivoli Model One Radio, Tim Buckley, and more.
Jo Rosenthal on Music For Chameleons, 12 Hugs A Day, Being Romantic, and more.
Alex Ross Perry on Evil and Cursed Seeming Lawn Ornaments, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein’s Protein Powder, Mass Market Nonfiction, and more.
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