Lauren Davis on Ice Hockey, Listening to Music Made For The Driver’s Seat, Real Tree, and more.
Tyler Bainbridge and Alex Cushing on The Knife's Silent Shout, Kinto CAST Glasses, Yellowstone, John Prine, and more.

January 2023

Bowen Yang on Being a Closer, Popeye Magazine, The Pine Walk Collection, and more.
Vish Velandy on Having No Keys, Agua De Colonia Eau De Cologne, Painting on Vacation, and more.
Ren G of Club Eat on Wife Swap, Annabolina, Screaming At The Top of Her Lungs, and more.
Brock Colyar on Stephanie LaCava’s "I Fear My Pain Interests You", Red Wine Over Ice, Orlando (1992), and more.
Mac DeMarco on 90’s Sting, Suit Busters, Motorcycles, and more.
Fabián von Hauske Valtierra on Total Luxury Spa, Maureen M. Evans Photography, Hen’s Teeth in Dublin, and more.
Alice Longyu Gao on Dating a White Boy from Australian Countryside, Dildos from Amazon, Honey truffle chicken @ Craig’s, and more.
David Brandon Geeting on Saying “I Love You”, Making New Art with No Research, Etsy, and more.
Live performances from Blaketheman1000 and NEW YORK + DJ sets from Alice Longyu Gao, Angel Prost, Ren G (Club Eat), Ezra Marcus, and the elusive DJ…
Tyler Bainbridge and Alex Cushing on T-Recs Newsletter, Paisley Underground, William Ellery, J.L. Carr's A Month in the Country, and more.