#96: Catherine Cohen

Catherine Cohen drops in to tell us about her New Athleisure Skort, Starbucks Egg Bites, Little Creek Lamb, and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Catherine Cohen to come on Perfectly Imperfect & redistribute her good taste.

Houston native Catherine Cohen is a comedian, actress, and writer living in Manhattan who hosts a weekly show at Club Cumming in NYC and co-hosts Seek Treatment, a popular podcast where she and Pat Regan talk about “boys, sex, fucking, dating, and love”. You may recognize Cat from Michael Showalter’s The Lovebirds, Season 3 of High Maintenance on HBO, or from her prolific social media presence. Earlier this year Cat put out her debut poetry collection, God I Feel Modern Tonight: Poems from a Gal About Town, that was published by Knopf. You can also subscribe to her newsletter, My Sexy Little Email, where 100% of all proceeds will go to The Loveland Foundation, an organization that funds therapy for Black women and girls. Catherine has great taste and lucky for us, she’s here to tell us what she’s been into.

Without further ado

Catherine Cohen (instagram, twitter)

🎧 lofi hip hop radio

An ex-lover introduced me to this youtube channel that plays non-stop "beats to relax/study to" and honey it has become the soundtrack of my LIFE! I'm a library bitch (can't write if music has lyrics) so this ambient instrumental station is perfect to listen to while I'm trying to write the next great american instagram poem from the comforts of my own bed. and it goes without saying the girl in the video has become like family to me! she's sooo cozy & hygge & I really hope she gets everything she wants in this life. there is also some kind of community aspect to the station in the form of a constantly refreshing chat function that I don't understand and fear immensely, please don't explain it to me!

🎀 Pulling (2006-2009)

I fell in love with Sharon Horgan while watching Catastrophe (one of my fave shows) and had to go back and find the first show she ever made. It's called Pulling and follows three women in their late 20s as they drink and fuck their way through their saturn returns etc. It's kind of GIRLS meets Peep Show (my dream combo). It's dirty and hilarious and hard to find but I think you can buy it on iTunes-- is that helpful?

🥎 My New Athleisure Skort

I've really come alive this summer thanks to my new athleisure skort...in my new athlesiure skort I'm young, wild and free, I'm a guy's girl, I'm lithe, I'm being very Je ne sais quoi and falling in love along every avenue, showing off the highest heights of my thick ass thighs without exposing my pussy hole. I simply adore my new athlesiure skort. Also this company is size-inclusive and sustainable. Bonus vibes!

💔 Acts of Desperation by Megan Nolan

I hadn't read a novel in about 45 years (I only care about stuff that is true) but I absolutely fell in love with this book and truly could not put it down. Nolan's novel is about obsession, sex, love and booze and boy addiction-- all the hits. I've never brought a book (or myself) onto the elliptical, but cut to me last month at Equinox absolutely devouring this book while taking little slidey steps to and fro. By the way, last week I saw a girl on the treadmill with her hair down?????? Someone send an ambulance!

🚜  Little Creek Lamb

My friend from college Caroline Reese Nelson left behind her life as a singer-songwriter in Philly to literally move to Montana, marry a guy she fell in love with when she was 18, and become a full-time shepherd and rancher. I went to visit her last summer while on a cross-country road trip and she said that now, even when life is hard, she has a "LOW LEVEL OF CONSTANT CONTENTMENT" can u even imagine???? I live for her instagram stories where she explains the ins and outs of farm life while looking absolutely stunning. I've also ordered her Little Creek Black Angus Beef which she ships all over the country. The meat is antibiotic free and raised with soil health and carbon storage always top of mind. Following Caroline on Insta is my fave way to escape city life (NYC is amusement park from hell)

🍳 Starbucks Egg Bites

Where would I be without my Starby's Eggy B's?! D in a D (dead in a ditch) Love these girls. The texture is deeply unnatural and the taste? sublime. In a bread-fearing culture that seems to only offer breads for breakfast, my SEB's are a welcome protein heavy option for mornings on the go. I've never woken up before noon in my life XOXO

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