#113: Aaron Wiggs

Supreme's Aaron Wiggs on Yaki Ramen, Wine Tastings on the NYC Double Decker Bus (Bring Your Own Wine), Clockers (1995), and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Aaron Wiggs to come on Perfectly Imperfect & redistribute his good taste.

Last summer, at the height of Black Lives Matter protests, Aaron Wiggs and his friends Sachiko Clyde & Perry Goodman decided to raise some money with “Sidewalk Sales”. At first it was just them selling clothes from their own closets, but between the community coming together and the incredible commercials from Wigg’s alter-ego “Uncle Leroy”, the sale quickly expanded to include all sorts of vendors and even Chloë Sevigny shared some garments of her own for the cause. The Sidewalk Sales ended up raising over $260K for charities and community causes such as Emergency Release Funds and Black Trans Femmes in Art, and Wiggs says that he couldn’t have done it without “Max, Price, Lylynn, Angel, Drew, Andrew B. Ian, Michael Fox, Stephen, Tyler, Dylan, Brandon, Perry, Sachiko, Mike, Tom, Brianna, Cam, and Lynette”. Aaron has great taste and lucky for us, he’s here to tell us what he’s been into.

Without further ado

Aaron Wiggs (instagram)

🍜 Yaki Ramen from Ramen Adente

So I work in Williamsburg and as of lately I have been obsessed with this place called ramen adante. I used be a big pho person, still love pho but it’s hard to find good Vietnamese in New York. Anyways I have been ordering this dish called yaki ramen, it’s a broth less ramen with chicken meat and chicken broth, hands down amazing. 

🛥️ 🌆 Far Rockaway Ferry ride top deck at sunset

A few years back my friend Sara had a birthday party on Rockaway beach and asked that everyone meet at the Wall Street ferry to take the last boat out beach. This was my first time on the ferry ever and one of the main things I recommend to friends visiting nyc. Sit upper deck listen to your favorite song and ride out during sunset it’s magical. 

📽️ Clockers

If you’re ever in a spike lee mood watch clockers it’s a good Brooklyn based film inspired off of the novel. Probably one of my favorite flicks to watch especially on a rainy day. 

🚌 Day time wine testing on a NYC double decker red bus..the wine tasting you have to do on your own but being on the bus is very fun. 

I feel like when you’re living here you never do the cliche touristy stuff. A friend of mine got tickets to ride the double decker bus around the city and brought a flask, I feel like it’s a fun thing to do once in a while, especially your own wine tasting with friends. The bus lets you off in midtown, I wish Jimmy’s corner was still open because that was my all time favorite bar. RIP jimmy. 

🏞️ Herbert Von King Park Dance Parties on any given sunday. 

I live in bedstuy and when the weather is right on a Sunday you should swing down to Herbert von king park to see some amazing dance moves and witness some good old house music. This happens every Sunday and it’s a magical experience. 

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