#67: Alison Roman

Alison Roman on The Unicorn Peppermill, Sex and The City, Karaoke At Home, and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Alison Roman to come on Perfectly Imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

Alison Roman is a Brooklyn-based cook and writer whose approach to food feels spiritually similar to what we’re trying to do with Perfectly Imperfect; she keeps it low-key, personal, and fun, yet never sacrifices on substance. Her latest project is a newsletter aptly titled, “A Newsletter”, where twice a week you can expect recipes, stories, stories about recipes, and more delivered straight to your inbox. And if you’d rather watch your food content, she has a weekly show on Youtube called “Home Movies”, where she cooks many of the recipes from her newsletter. Roman is also working on her third cookbook, which will be focused on desserts, sweet things, and baked goods for people who don’t necessarily like desserts, sweet things, or baking— keep an eye out for updates on her IG! Alison has great taste (literally) and lucky for us, she’s here to talk about what she’s been into.

Without further ado

Alison Roman (instagram, twitter, newsletter, youtube)

🧂 The Unicorn Peppermill

Boring and predictable for me to start with a kitchen tool, but I simply don’t care. I’m not that picky about kitchen appliances, don’t have much loyalty to brands or specifics, but I think I would do crime for this peppermill. Shitty tools make you have a bad time cooking, and if you have a bad time cooking, you will hate doing it. Every try to get a significant amount of pepper from one of those pre-filled store-bought peppermills? It’s a BAD time! This well made peppermill is a JOY to use, and if you cook even a little, this will make all your food taste better, I promise. 

📙 Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong

I read this book last summer and am re-reading it now because it’s so good. One of those “tell everyone you know to read it” books. She’s a poet turned essayist and she’s just got such a gift for articulating pain and humor and trauma and things that should be boring but aren’t. This collection is funny, it’s heartbreaking, it’s honest, it’s vulnerable. She’s the kind of writer most people wish they were (myself included). 

🍸 Old Lady Drinks

I’m 35 but my drinking habits are 87. Dare I say I have….wine fatigue? I’m sure that will change in a few hours, but sometimes I feel like I can’t drink another glass of “pet nat.” I love sherry, I love vermouth, I love white wine on ice, complete with cocktail onions just like my Grandma Prue used to drink. For vermouth, there are a lot of interesting small brands out there doing cool stuff with it, but I love this one from Partida Creus the most (anything they make is wonderful). I like it in a small glass with a large ice cube, topped with a lil soda water. For wines, I wouldn’t disrespect anything too expensive with an ice cube, but I do love a basic, straightforward white wine that could be described as “easy drinking” with “light acidity.” The cocktail onion makes it, trust me (and my grandma). 

📺 Sex and The City

Have you heard of it? Just kidding, of course your mom has. Anyway, because I am always relevant, I just began watching this iconic series mostly because I find myself missing New York so much (even though I never really lived in that New York. Everything is different! Everything is the same!). Most days, it’s all I think about. When will I be able to watch the next episode? Maybe I can fit one in in the middle of the day? Just one! They’re so short, you can have just a lil SATC, as a treat. I have a lot of thoughts on this show and the characters but my favorite thing is how terrible everyone is. Just like all of us! 

🎤 🎵 At Home Karaoke

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I may never get black out drunk at Upstairs Bar and sing Careless Whisper ever again. But if you’re fully vaccinated and know other fully vaccinated people, karaoke can still happen. A version of it, anyway. I had my first small session for a friends birthday the other night using Karafun videos on Youtube (search your song + karaoke) and some shitty but functional bluetooth microphone and it was honestly better than sex. 

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