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Brynn Wallner on Dune, Juicy Sweatsuits, Sherpa Pile Beanies, and more

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Brynn Wallner to come on Perfectly Imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

Copywriter and Strategist Brynn Wallner has quickly become one of my favorite people to follow. On Twitter she consistently drops hilarious, witty, and slightly unhinged takes on pop culture with a style that feels super fresh and fun. She also paints these v cute pet portraits (@brynnpaints) that you can commission by emailing her— lookout for a portrait of my dog coming soon 👀 ! Later this month Brynn is launching Dimepiece, a website dedicated to watches for women. The site will cover watch culture and collectors, curated collections of second-hand watches, and more— all from a female perspective and for a female audience. In the meantime follow @dimepiece.co on IG and enjoy images of Kate Bush rocking a Seiko. Brynn has incredible taste and lucky for us, she’s here to talk about what she’s been into.

Without further ado

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Brynn Wallner (instagram, twitter, @brynnpaints, @dimepiece.co)

📕 Dune - Frank Herbert (1965)

I don’t think I’ve ever read sci-fi before in my life, but when they (the industry) announced that the new film adaptation of Dune would be starring my angel Timothée Chalamet, I was like okay… hmm… interesting… My friend kept bugging me to read it and finally I was like, you know what, fine. I bought a copy at McNally Jackson (“gotta do it for Timmy” said the cashier… he knew). At first I was like, what language is this in??? But then I discovered the glossary and started getting the flow. Instantly hooked. The story is addictive and it felt good indulging in something totally new. It’s so not me… but I’m sick of me. I want an escape! I want to be on another planet! Arrakis!!!!


I have a Juicy Couture sweatsuit that I got for Christmas in 2011, which is way late for anyone who came of age during Juicy’s prime. But I wasn’t into that style at all growing up – my adolescent/teen fashion sense was wannabe skater girl meets Cory Kennedy Urban Outfitters knockoff. Anyway, my mom got me the Juicy suit, and it was so comfortable and so flattering that I finally understood the hype. I’ve worn it sparingly throughout the years, so it’s still in mint condition (lol) but I’ve been wearing it more this year because it makes me feel sexy and deluxe. Also, Juicy is “back” (Timothée wearing it in GQ... the Parade collab...), and after so many years of pretending to be cool, I love blindly leaning into a trend.

🥟 Cafe Himalaya

As with most restaurants in NYC, Cafe Himalaya has had a rough year. But to top off the pandemic-related obstacles, someone ROBBED them (...like, don’t rob a mom and pop restaurant, you idiot… steal from Whole Foods). It’s been closed for the past month without a word (not even EV Grieve knows what’s going on). Please please please, Cafe Himalaya, you can’t shut down. You’re my fav restaurant in the East Village… my fav restaurant in New York… in the WORLD!! Every Friday I treat myself to a big bowl of Thukpa (Tibetan noodle soup) and momo (potato dumplings). It’s pure comfort food. It’s my death row meal. 


I’d have gone completely insane this year if I didn’t “practice” yoga. I’ve been streaming videos from my fav studio VERAYOGA since April. They teach Vinyasa yoga, which is yoga as exercise… because exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just DON’T kill their husbands. Very challenging but very worth it (hello, have you seen my abs???). Keeps me limber and grounded. They have good playlists, but sometimes I just put on Radiohead and pretend like I’m Dakota Johnson in Suspiria. Moody girl checkkk. 

🐑 Patagonia Sherpa Pile Beanie

Okay this is the only “grail” item I own (did I use that term correctly? OKAY BOOMER!! 🗣️). I fell in love with it and tried so many times to buy it online from the Patagonia website. Once, I was able to place the order successfully, only to be e-mailed 1 week later that it was actually out of stock. I kept obsessively watching the website and finally got lucky. It was delivered to my house, and I haven’t taken it off since… I’m too terrified to lose it or have it stolen by the hypebeasts waiting in line for KITH milkshakes. 

🕯️ Chateau Marmont Candle

I live in NY now but lived in LA for about 5 years in my early 20s. I was a party girl and my fav thing to do on weekends was to sneak into luxury hotel pools. Chateau Marmont’s pool is easy to slip into if you have the confidence… walk in like you own the place!!! I’ll always have a soft spot for the Chateau because it’s the main character in my favorite Sofia Coppola movie, Somewhere (2010). My dear friend Chris Chang knows how much I love the hotel and sent me their signature candle via snail mail one cold winter. It’s such a warm scent and it brightens up my mood instantly. I only light it when I’m feeling EXTRA homesick for Los Angeles because I want it to last forever (I’ve actually burned through 3 of them at this point).

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