Some gift ideas, old and new, from Perfectly Imperfect guests.
Emma Orlow drops in to tell us about Gap Teeth, Head Scratchers, Pickle Soup, and more.
Producer and DJ Umru drops in to tell us about Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, an Ed Sheeran remix, Cold Brew, and more.
 Leia Jospé drops in to tell us about Manifestation, Sammy’s Photo Lab, YouTube ASMR, and more.
Chad Senzel drops in to tell us about Vintage Gap Pocket Tees, Watermelon Slushies, Cashmere Sweaters, and more.
Willa Bennett on Ralph Lauren Button-Downs, Sapphire Moleskin, Acupuncture, and more.
Now available on in 3 colorways.
Noah Dillon and Chandler Ransom Lucy on Deuterium Depleted Water, The Bible, Raw Deal (1986), Youtube Near Death Compilations, and more.
The Perfectly Imperfect Boys on Vintage Jil Sander, Stoffa’s Peached Cotton Double Breasted Suit, Muji Organizers, and more.
Western Hydrodynamic Research's Jake Booth on Max B With The Windows Down on PCH, Croakies, Paper Thin Vintage T-Shirts, and more.
Carla Lalli Music drops in to tell us about Toiro Rice Donabes, Competitive Butchery, Handwritten Snail Mail, and more.
Kaitlin Phillips drops in to tell us about Naming Your Child "Money", Harvard Lampoon Merchandise, Natural Rock Spring Water Ice Cubes, and more.