One Year of Perfectly Imperfect

A short celebration & tease of what's to come.

We’ll keep this short since we just did a recap celebrating 100 Posts last month.

Perfectly Imperfect was started one year ago today and although the guests may be a lot bigger now, the goal remains the same: share real recommendations from real people.

Perfectly Imperfect
coming soon 👀
welcome to a perfectly imperfect newsletter u can look forward to some hot recommendations dropping directly into ur inbox once (ish) a week — expect content in the realm of music, fashion, booze, books, movies, food, tech, memes, and more. break away from the algorithm n embrace some good ol’ fashioned ~hand curated~ picks from people who care way too mu……
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Whether it’s a song, a hat, a life tip, an obscure interview clip on YouTube, a pair of shoes, a kitchen knife, or a book that changed your life, we still believe that recommendations don’t have to be stuffy and laced with referral links— they can be a fun and authentic snapshot of a person…and maybe even change your taste forever.

Thanks for tuning in twice a week, helping us build a Discord community, and all of the support over the last year.

Oh, and one more thing.

A lot of you have been asking and yes! we have some Perfectly Imperfect merch coming very soon… and maybe even a book later this year 🤫 …but more on that later.

Thanks for tuning in twice a week.

- Tyler, Alex, and Serey

Perfectly Imperfect is a newsletter featuring good ol’ fashioned recommendations from real people (not some algorithm that thinks it knows u…) Hit subscribe for curated recs like these in your inbox ~2x a week~

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