#100: Reflecting on Recs

Guests, readers, and the Perfectly Imperfect boys reflect on the recommendations that have resonated with us.

In the last 11 months, nearly 1000 recommendations have been shared on Perfectly Imperfect.

So, to celebrate 100 posts we thought it’d be fun to have previous Perfectly Imperfect guests and readers tell us what recommendations have resonated with them.

What follows is a collection of rec recs, if you will. Enjoy.

UPDATE: We’ll be accepting submissions throughout the day so if you have a rec of a rec follow the instructions here.

Tyler Bainbridge

Perfectly Imperfect | Instagram | Twitter

Betsey BrownCaveh Zahedi

I was already aware of Caveh, mostly through his appearance on the Ion Pack, but after reading Betsey’s impassioned rec I finally dove into Zahedi’s movies, show, and podcast I’ve since become a bit of a mega fan. Thanks Betsey!

Alex Cushing

Perfectly Imperfect | Instagram | Twitter

Brynn Wallner Dune - Frank Herbert (1965)

What a great book. If you like classic scifi or even books that dive into political intrigue and backstabbery, this one’s a no-brainer. Brynn wasn’t wrong when she mentioned that it’s like reading a different language, but its so worth sticking it through.

Serey Morm

Perfectly Imperfect | Instagram | Twitter

Iana MurrayCOSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Guilty of always touching my face, breaking out, and touching my face even more. These patches are a two bird one stone type of situation. When I put them on, it helps speed up the healing process and reminds me to stop touching my f**king face. Life savior.

Will Ryan (PI Guest #8)

Wild Thoughts | Instagram

Jacob KellerTurkish Rug Empire

This recommendation came when me and my girlfriend were putting the final touches on our apartment. I copped a beautiful and affordable rug that really pulled together my reading nook.

Jason StewartQuinn Peanut Butter Filled Nuggets

As an avid whole foods shopper and fake healthy snack fanatic these are perfect. I recently enjoyed a few immediately after a spin class as a crunchy treat.

Jennie Ross

Model | Instagram

Tom Wright Celery Juice

Tom reminded me of how much I love celery juice. I notice a huge difference in my skin when I drink it a few times a week, it truly is pure magic!

Nicole Cushing

Instagram | substack

Peggy O’Sullivan Brussels Sprouts

I virtually bonded with Peggy O’Sullivan (aka her post resonated with me) back when PI was just a wee little baby because I am also obsessed with brussels sprouts. Now I’m a veg addict and can’t wait to throw the big bag I currently have in the fridge into some sort of fun recipe!

Caroline Calloway (PI Guest #64)

Instagram | Twitter

Rafastinks Capybaras

Like... Just recommending the animal!??!!? Can’t believe I went off on a tangent about Sims Youtubers when I could have been hyping up an entire species.

Kathleen Sorbara (PI Guest #77)

Chickees Vintage | Instagram

Samuel HineGoshi exfoliating shower towel

Raven SmithMeletti

I picked up the exfoliating towel that Sam Hine recommended, and the Meletti that Raven Smith recommended as well :) love them both!

Hayley Cranberry Small

Ceramicist | Urban Planner | Instagram

Serey MormThe Tushy

I want to back-up his love for the Tushy bidet. I do not understand how or why more people don't have them. It's great for not only using post-poo but also post-sex if you don't have time to shower.

Catherine CohenMy New Athleisure Skort

My love for an athleisure skort is next level. She recommended the one by Girlfriend, but I have the Outdoor Voices Court Skort in black and I'm obsessed. It literally matches everything and is so comfortable. And finally I have something cute and logical for casually riding my bike around the city.

Brynn Wallner (PI Guest #37)

Dimepiece | Instagram | Twitter@brynnpaints@dimepiece.co

Flynn McGarryBlue Striped Button-Downs

Occasionally I'll run into Flynn at the neighborhood Whole Foods, and when I do, I'm always like, damn, I should have worn a better outfit. Flynn, you'd be surprised to hear this but you inspire me to dress better lol; and I just bought a "broken in Oxford" on sale from JCrew at the Short Hills Mall in NJ to help foster my off duty prep look.


Engineer | Instagram

Alex CushingJacquemus Shirts

Seeing Alex with the shirts caught my eye. I ended up DM'ing Alex back and forth to get sizing information and eventually buying my own. 

Bart Hutchins (PI Guest #5)

JTTB | Instagram | Culinary Mood Board

Jason StewartMac 8” Chef’s Knife

Food media is obsessed with getting people to buy useless chef's knives. From the Wusthofs to whatever a Misen knife is, these people want to waste your money on low quality steel that'll need to be replaced in 6 months. Don't be a sucker, Listen to Jason and get a Mac 8' Chef Knife, you heard it on PI first.

Will RyanDansko XP 2.0

Birk Boston's, Blundstones, Doc Martens and Crocs lead the charge in a category of footwear I like to call "shit that was worn by line cooks well before you thought it was cool." With Will Ryan's recommendation of Dansko XP 2.0 the masses finally discovered the holy grail cadillac of chef footwear.

Tyler Durden


Jacob KellerLe Labo Rose Detergent

The scent is out of this world and I don't think I can ever go back to Tide. I started washing my sheets with it too and now I actually go to sleep on time. truly a revolutionary little bottle of soap.

Euan Swann

Checkout Chick | Instagram

Serey MormOatly, Barista Edition

The Oatly barista edition milk actually changed my life the milk is so much tastier than all other oat milks and it’s way thicker so it goes better in coffee. The Rec converted me from cows milk to Oat and I love the stuff so much that I actively check supermarkets to see when it’s on special and when it is I buy multiples.

Alejandro Gutierrez (PI Guest #36)

Graziano & Gutierrez | Instagram | Brand Instagram

Samuel HineGoshi exfoliating shower towel

He recommended the goshi exfoliating towel and I bough it immediately. I have these 100% raw silk noil face towels that I use each time after I wash my face that I got from Etsy. But I had been looking for an exfoliating towel for a while and this one knock it off the park! 

Kathleen SorbaraALD Socks

She recommended these a while back and it coincided with me looking for new socks. I usually wear pansy but I ordered these and also loved them. So now my sock collection is mostly Pansy and ALD. Pansy’s color range is beautiful.

Jackson Pinkowski 


Lauren Servideo — ️ Hi-Octane

The best perfectly imperfect recommendation was Lauren Servideo recommending Sofia Coppola’s Hi-Octane. It is now an all time personal favourite. Best variety show evvvver

Jocelyn Dubuc

Engineering Student | Instagram

Tyler BainbridgeDog picking and eating a tomato from a garden

This one isn’t a product, a food, a cool brand or the hot new cafe. It won’t change your life, but it’ll make your day brighter. At least, that’s what it did for me. Dogs are the best.

Matty Solivén

Instagram | Twitter

Betsey BrownHK Wonton Garden

Just like Betsey, I too grew up going to HK Wonton Garden pretty regularly with my family and have introduced it to numerous friends over the years. I have so many fond memories of eating the amazing food here (shout out to the vegetable dumplings!) after Broadway plays, USWNT ticker tape parades, or just a night out with great friends.

Elise Bang (PI Guest #68)

Twenty Three Tabs | Instagram | Twitter

Will RyanDansko XP 2.0

I looove a chunky shoe. Danskos are the OGs of the clog trend. Not to mention they're ~nonslip~ and super comfy. Loved by food industry people, Park Slope moms, and Substackers alike.

Caroline CallowayPutting ribbon in your hair

I always had to wear ribbons in my hair for dance growing up. I was literally just thinking about how I wanted to bring it back, then Caroline recommended the perfect creamy, buttery satin ribbon. Scrunchies are out, and ribbon in your hair is in!

Molly Yelon (PI Guest #57)

Glitter Liner Zine | InstagramTwitter

Naomi Fry Britney Spears, “Blackout” (2007)

Nothing makes me feel more like a twisted genius than when I use the "wrong" music to do something, like how I insist that the Submarine soundtrack by Alex Turner is running music. Thank you Naomi for making this suggestion that is so wrong it's right (write?). 

Charlie Fout

Instagram | Twitter

Jacob KellerTurkish Rug Empire

I’m a big fan of Jacob Keller’s recommendation for Etsy Turkish rugs. I’d been eyeing a few of them already, and his recommendation gave me the final bit of encouragement I needed to cop. My house is now full of them.

Ryan Castro


Serey MormSelf Care Coffee

Being careful and deliberate with my morning coffee helps me set the tone for the rest of the day. More people should try it!

Bijan Shahvali (PI Guest #65)

Intramural Shop | Leisure Centre (website)

Kathleen Sorbaraopenpathcollective.org

As a person who found their therapist through Open Path, I think that this is, without a doubt, the single best rec on Perfectly Imperfect.

Kelsey Borovinsky (PI Guest #11)

Teen Vogue | Read Receipts | Read Receipts Instagram | Instagram

Catherine CohenMy New Athleisure Skort

This skort has been waiting for me in an open tab for literal weeks. I like to pretend I am an athlete during the summer and dress like I could either go for a run or a round of tennis (never played) at a moment's notice. Miss Cohen's recommendation was the sign I needed to pull out my plastic.

James Kung

Data analyst/photographer | Instagram

Tyler BainbridgeBrain Dead "Tani" Sunglasses

The look of the sunglasses stuck with me and after seeing Tyler wearing it for so long, I finally had the courage to try out this new sunglass and has been on my heavy rotation since.

Jasmine Li


Kathleen SorbaraALD Socks

i was visiting new york earlier this summer and ran out of clean socks halfway through my trip. with kathleen sorbara’s rec on my mind, i copped a 3-pack of white ankle socks from aimé leon dore that she calls “luxe deliciousness” and i call “a nice platonic hug.” they’re thick and snug, and just the perfect length to hide under a boot or peek out of a high-top chuck.

Susan Korn (PI Guest #81)

Susan Alexandra | Instagram

Jason StewartQuinn Peanut Butter Filled Nuggets

Alas, my dingy whole foods on the bowery seems to be out of them. Anyone here have the quinns plug?

Susan KornEverything

Can I just say, I re-read my PI feature and I am re-motivated to purchase all the things I suggested. So that's my other favorite PI feature. My own.

Aliza Abarbanel

Freelance writer | Amateur Hours Newsletter | Instagram

Tyler BainbridgeVintage Gucci Rubber Sole Loafers

I DM'd Chickee's Vintage as soon as I read Tyler (Bainbridge)'s endorsement of their Gucci loafers sourcing service. Kathleen triumphed where months of eBay alerts failed, delivering me a practically pristine pair of dark brown loafers in under a month. My summer aesthetic—genderfucked Italian daddy takes a trip to Lake Como, thank you for asking—is complete. 

Michael Philbin (PI Guest #3)

Blackbird Spyplane Cancel yr Amazon

okay so i haven’t actually done this, but the rec has gotten me to think twice before making a purchase on that cursed e-sweatshop, and think hard & long about somewhere in the neighborhood that might make better use of my precious disposable income. i’m hoping someday soon i’ll sack up and ditch the bezos security blanket because the boys are right: i’m not that busy, player.

Alberto Fragoso

Data Analyst Nerd | Instagram

Edgar GonzalezGraziano and Gutierrez

The recommendation that I can't stop thinking about because I became a simp for the brand was Alejandro Gutierrez's rec of andafterthat. Great brand that supports a great cause.

Valentina Zavala-Arbelaez

Post-bac fellowship at HIAS Pennsylvania | Instagram

Saeed Akil FergusonFurney Bukem In Session (2012)

I got the newsletter with this recommendation as I was really diving into writing my senior thesis (on community & contradiction in the queer & girl skateboarding scene). It led me to getting into 90s drum & bass music to play as I'm trying to get stuff done!

Garrett Albury


Nico LazaroThe Great Pottery Throw Down

The Great Pottery thrown down Rec from Nico Lazaro !!! Top 5 shows for me.

Anthony Cuevas

Caveman Corner | Instagram

Tyler BainbridgeBrain Dead "Tani" Sunglasses

I swear to god these glasses haven’t came off my face since I’ve purchased them thanks to your rec! His rec is definitely the one that stuck out to me since it was one of the first I can recall. Tyler is truly the Tani tastemaker and ambassador of Brain Dead glasses.

Clemence Poles

Passerbuys | Instagram

Liana Satenstein Taxicab Confessions

Liana’s taxicab confessions rec definitely stuck with me. I would recommend that (:


Producer, Engineer | Instagram

Will RyanLevi 550’s (weekend vintage)

I was buying 541 tapered jeans (fat guy skinnies) which would fall apart in under a year. Now i’m copping vintage for half the price and aging up my look a little.

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