#36: Alejandro Gutierrez (Graziano & Gutierrez)

Alejandro of Graziano & Gutierrez on AndAfterThat, Hand-Woven Rugs, Via Raiz, and more

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Alejandro Gutierrez to come on Perfectly Imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

Alejandro is one of the brains behind the brand Graziano & Gutierrez, a brand that blesses us with ethically sourced hand-made garments. If you know anything about the brand, you know G&G's been killing it — from their earth-and-human-first mission to the final products they offer in unique and beautiful textiles. Speaking of the garms - the fabrics themselves are hand-woven (& soon to be naturally dyed 👀) by Family Bautista Martinez, in a small village in Mexico and then cut and sewn by none other than our guest, Alejandro. I highly recommend you check out their most recent collection. Lucky for us all, Alejandro is here now to talk about what he's been into.

Without further ado

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🎵 M A N E

To start off I want to share some music that is very important to me. One of my best friends named Sam Wegman started a music group based here in Portland, Oregon that has a couple singles out and is getting ready for their first EP in 2021. Their music is beautiful and the people behind it are wonderful humans who have spent years perfecting their craft. For over a year now we have been working with them on their artwork and are happy to start expanding a little beyond clothing into graphic design.

👕 Edgar Gonzalez or andafterthat

Most of ya’ll have probably come across some of these dope t-shirts but we still have to shout out our homie Edgar. If you haven’t seen his work then do yourself a favor and go follow and support a fellow Mexican immigrant, you won’t regret it! He’s not only doing dope tee’s for classic films but also raising profits to help support undocumented folks. We are also in talks about a possible upcoming collaboration so keep your eyes open.

📸 Talisa Swanson

Talisa is a close friend of mine and frequent collaborator for G&G. She shoots everything on film and develops a lot of her own photography. She explores sometimes by utilizing wine or different liquids to develop her photos and create a beautiful color texture and contrast. We worked with her for our S/S 19’ collection and are currently working on a new photoshoot for some new things we have prepared for 2021. We also utilized her photography for some of the artwork for MANE earlier this year.

🧶 Dixza Rugs & Native Farm

This is a small business that is Indigenous owned by a family of weavers in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca. Just browsing through their website you can find beautiful rugs, ponchos and bags. Their products are made from criollo which is the name for the native wool and are all hand-woven on pedal looms. Their instagram is full of information about Zapotec culture and ways to raise awareness about indigenous communities. They are actually located in the same village as the family we work with for our textiles.

💻 Via Raiz

This is the store that hosted our first ever pop-up back in November of 2018. The owner’s name is Jennifer Bolaños and she is from Michoacan, Mexico but lives in Portland, Oregon. She curates a beautiful online store with a wide range of home-goods that are all hand-made in Mexico. The price range is really great and you’d be supporting a small immigrant-owned business. The rugs and the ceramics are some of my favorite things she carries. 

🎵 Fabi Reyna

Fabi Reyna is one of the first people we collaborated with here in PDX by making her a custom suit for her music act called “Reyna Tropical”. She is a fellow Mexican-born and Portland based artist. She created She Shreds Magazine a couple years back with it being the only independent magazine that focused on providing a platform for female and LGBTQ folks in the music industry. She also plays the guitar in a dope local band called Savila and has another duo called Reyna Tropical. She not only is one of the most talented people I know but also one of the most hard-working and kindest. 

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