#93: Harry Hill (@veryharryhill)

Harry Hill drops in to tell us about Grape Waterloo, Money Trees, Muting People, and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Harry Hill to come on Perfectly Imperfect & redistribute his good taste.

Harry (aka @veryharryhill) is a 26-year-old Upper East Side based memer, influencer, and podcaster who describes himself as “the lovechild of this scenario: if Blair Waldorf and Kit Kittredge were morphed into one and then married to Ferris Bueller”. Harry’s knack for memeifying & poking fun at influencer culture (as well as tastefully partaking in it himself) makes him an endlessly entertaining person to follow. If you miss his podcast “Scrolling with Harry & Austin”, don’t worry, he’s got a brand new podcast dropping in the fall, so stay tuned 👀. Harry has great taste and lucky for us, he’s here to tell us what he’s been into.

Without further ado

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🍇 Grape Waterloo

Thank GOD someone noticed there was a giant gaping purple hole in the seltzer water industrial complex! I'm not sure how Grape came to be the overlooked flavor during the seltzer water boom, but I'm glad Waterloo stepped in to fix it with their Grape sparkling water flavor. They describe it as a "nostalgic" taste and I would agree - it's got the whole grape soda vibe going without all the sugar. It's about time we started to re-normalize grape flavors. It's also low-key rare, which makes finding it and enjoying it all the more fun. With a squeeze of lemon? Bliss. If you enjoyed grape lollipops as a kid (or adult, fuck it), you'll love. Now we just need some grape vodka to mix it with....

🪴 Money Trees

Though none of my four money trees have secured me a Chanel bag YET, I have faith that they will come through in time. If you're on the market for a lovely leafy plant that's easy to keep alive, I would suggest the money tree! They're pretty available at most bodegas and they're not super expensive, which is ironic. I've also just learned to talk to my plants so I've been trying to initiate convos with them whenever they seem a bit droopy. I don't have any pets but I'm assuming it's kind of like talking to a cat? They obviously don't talk back but they definitely hear me. Repotting is the tough part - they grow super quick so I'm constantly wondering if they need to be put in bigger pots. Perhaps that just means I'm about to win the lotto or something. 

🔇 🙅 Muting people

Muting people is free therapy. I'm telling you - out of sight, out of mind. Unfollowing can be messy and scary (for no reason) so the next best thing to take someone off your mind and your feed is a quick MUTE. I do this on Twitter and Instagram when I'm just not vibing with someone's vibes. It's not always a permanent thing; sometimes I mute someone for a couple of weeks, just so I can miss them a bit. I think it's easy to forget that you're in charge of your own social media consumption - you don't need to see everyone, everyday. The person you muted obviously won't know they've been muted, so you don't need to worry about any sus confrontations. Sometimes I'll even mute people for being too hot. Like...I don't need to be seeing you on the daily, sir. Try the mute button today! 

💆🏼 SolaWave

I got a SolaWave last month and I pick it up almost nightly. It's this futuristic wand thing that combines microcurrents (tea) with red light therapy (wig) to make your skin....better? It gets warm and vibrates while you lightly wave it over your skin. I kept seeing it in Instagram ads so to try the real thing is very satisfying. You know, after watching complete strangers get paid to talk about how they don't have wrinkles anymore because of it. Wonderful! I'm luckily not old enough to have that many wrinkles, but I think it does even out tone and make my skin tighter? All I know is that I've tried Gua Sha and it was very hard to stick to. I think this has a similar vibe of being something-you-Do-for-your-Skin, but it's more futuristic and does the work for you. For my aesthetic-oriented people, the wand itself is this gorgeous brushed ombre metal and it looks swag on a nightstand.

🍫 🍚 Trader Joe's dark chocolate half-coated rice cake thins

I know. I know. Miss Joe did that. They are exactly what they say they are - rice cake thins dipped in dark chocolate on one side. I've experimented so I can tell you that putting them in the freezer is the way to go. The chocolate hardens a bit but the rice cake stays the same (cardboard-y and delicious). The best way to enjoy them is to take two of them and - wait for it - put peanut butter in the middle. Hello, healthy peanut butter cup! I know it's not actually healthy, but it really does feel like a crunchy treat you'd find at, like, the farmer's market. They're good alone, too, so please don't think peanut butter is required in order to enjoy them. They come in a yellow package so they're hard to miss on the shelves. Pretty sure they're in the snack aisle. What am I saying? Trader Joe's is one big snack aisle. 

🧴 Sunday Riley's Fairy Godmother shimmering body gel

Are you tempted by shiny things? Do you like going to the pool? Do you wish your skin shined but in a low-key effortless way, like Rihanna? Well, too bad! Nobody comes close to Rihanna! But, dear reader, if you like shiny things and baring the skin you're in, I've got the stuff. And it smells vaguely like those rocket popsicles, the red, white, and blue ones that were summer staples when life was easier (see: 2003) (I say "easier" because I was 9), which is always comforting. Anyway, I'm always so tempted by sparkly body oils but only in theory (has anyone tried that Tom Ford glitter stuff?!); I don't like getting glitter all over and I also don't like looking like I'm going to a pride rave. That's why I'm so amazed at the sheer shine of this aptly-named Fairy Godmother gel. You could apply it with your eyes closed, that's how easy and low-key it is. Physically, it comes in a divine glass bottle with a great little pump. The kicker? It's full of vitamin C and other powerful nutrients that will probably make you age well, like Madonna! Don't quote me though. Oh, the places you'll glow. 

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