#91: Tom Wright (Tom's Juice)

Tom Wright on FM669 blanks, Celery Juice every day, those one-wheel things that people stand on between their legs and boooost through the city, and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Tom Wright to come on Perfectly Imperfect & redistribute his good taste.

Tom Wright is the man behind those lil glass bottles of juice you’ve probably seen on your favorite cool New Yorker’s Instagram. His single ingredient juices are locally made, freshly squeezed, and delivered via bike by Tom himself while he’s getting a fit off. His business model and low-key approach make his juice really appealing in a world where most “fresh juice”…isn’t so fresh. Wright is also involved in the streetwear scene, even being called “the underground GOAT” by Supreme store manager Aaron Wiggs. Tom clearly has great taste and lucky for us, he’s here to talk about what he’s been into.

Without further ado

Tom Wright (instagram, website)

🎵 Beach Boy

A very talented artist from New Zealand. I met Beach Boy back in 2013 and since then it has been amazing to watch him grow. He’s still super low key but his product is getting better and better with age and I feel any day now someone that is in some sort of position to elevate his talent more is about to come. But in the meantime I love it that he’s underground, he’s doing his thing! It’s hard to find original good content with fuck all views these days haha here is one of his new videos below and I believe that his new album will be out mid July which I can’t wait for. BEACH BOY!!! Turn that shit up and share it with ya neighbors. Oh yeah he also produces, masters and edits all his work. Unreal!

👕 FM669

Good cuts, good quality, good shit all around really. This is a new brand that is made in the fashion district of NYC that is currently making amazing blank t-shirts. All made with organic cotton that is farmed in the USA. The current shape is a little short for me personally but I heard through the grapevine there is more of a classic fit coming out soon. It’s hard to do basic stuff well and FM669 is done extremely well. Pass on the good news to your mates :)

💍 27Mollys

I don’t even wear jewelry but 27Mollys that is based in Melbourne, Australia is sick and makes me want to wear it. All pieces are hand made to order by founder Brent Paye who’s an absolute legend. The time and love put into each piece really stands out, and the aesthetic is spot on. Love this shit! Keep up the good work Brent :)

🥬 Celery Juice every day!

2 years ago I could barely drink a glass of celery juice due to the taste. I had the intention to not even have it on the Toms Juice menu, but after my girlfriend convinced me to put it on it’s the number 1 seller. Fast forward two years I can now see why. I have grown to love the taste, and more importantly, it’s so damn good for your health. Your digestive system will thank you and you will thank yourself once you see your glowing skin! It really is magic! I have one glass every morning before consuming anything else. 

🧍‍♂️🏙️ Those one-wheel things that people stand on between their legs and boooost through the city

hahah fuck They are so nerdy, tech and futuristic I love it! It’s the best when the people riding them have the full protective body armor Batman looking kit on. If they have the flashing lights and the JBL booming is the icing on the cake. Would love to give one a go one day but that shit low key gets me nervous, the amount of potholes I come across on my bike a day I couldn’t imagine not swerving a pot hole on  one of those things. RIP it would be! Oh and speaking of mobility on the streets, the dirt bike gangs are the noise of summer! Don’t really have much more to say about them but I love it when I hear them and then when they pop those wheelies chaaahoooo hahah 

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