#90: Liana Satenstein (Vogue)

Liana Satenstein drops in to tell us about The vintage-dealing Olivias, Taxicab Confessions, and @citibikeboyz.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Liana Satenstein to come on Perfectly Imperfect & redistribute her good taste.

Liana Satenstein is a NYC-based Vogue Senior Fashion Writer and the host of #NEVERWORNS, a series where she throws on her dad’s old headset and asks guests to tell her about the clothes they haven’t worn, and more importantly why they haven’t worn them. On the show she’s talked to all sorts of fun people; Brynn Wallner, Dorinda Medley, Rachel Seville Tashjian, Chris Black, Chrissy Rutherford, and Devon Lee Carlson (ft a surprise cameo from Miley Cyrus), to name a few. She’ll even be your luxury closet consultant with Schmatta Shrink, a side gig where she helps YOU figure out what to keep, sell, and donate. Liana clearly has great taste and lucky for us, she’s here to tell us about what she’s been into.

Without further ado

Liana Satenstein (instagram, twitter)

I’m a fashion writer...but I clean out closets on the side aka @schmattashrink and I run #NEVERWORNS which is a series about fashion people and the things they don’t wear, and more importantly why. I don’t buy anything new really unless it is underwear or something from the stretchy hot girl label Sherris. (Pants make your ass look amazing). I buy a lot of vintage...on my list now is Roberto Cavalli, Blumarine, Stella-era Chloe graphic tops, and Anna Sui, though I’m always a Tom Ford-era Gucci fan. I’m obsessed with the boys of the French rap group PNL, electric Citibikes, and honestly, hookah. Make it orange-flavored, please. It reminds me of weird beach nights.

🏙️ 🚲 @citibikeboyz

I love @citibikeboyz. They are a group of rugged hot freaks who hijack Citibikes and do tricks around the city on them. It’s all the dudes I would have crushed on in high school but now repacked and elevated in some psychotic, concrete pavement-fied way. It’s run by Jerome Peel of the workwear label Peels. Anyways….I can’t wait to join this posse of bipedal hooligans. They are anti-electric bikes though, which is literally the only thing I take in summer. Womp. 

👚 👕 The vintage-dealing Olivias, @olaroche and @shop_reallifeasliv

I love these two Olivias of the vintage world. They truly know how to source and have equally stellar eyes. O La Roche is by Olivia La Roche. She’s a California babe but now lives in Rome, so all of her sourcing is from Italy. She offers a perpetually going-out wardrobe that will immediately make you feel va-va-voom. It’s all hot freak-in-the-city vibes. Then there is Olivia Haroutunian of Texas who is Depop famous but has transcended that world because she is a MENSA fashion ID’er. She finds the most slept-on labels even in something as rabidly looked at like Sex and the City. She’s managed to track down the real designer of Carrie’s naked dress, Elisa Jimenez. PS. She is 22 and paying her way through school by selling vintage.  

🏙️ Geocities 

I know nothing about art but the one exhibition I ever truly enjoyed was these artists showed the death of Geocities. It was through the account @rhizomedotorg...and they work with the New Museum. That exhibition has long been over but there exists a trove of archival content on oocities.com. I love the weirdo nothingness oblivion of the internet and people’s obsessions, and Geocities was a great place for the meeting of those worlds. The original K-hole! Shame it’s over, but with geocities, some of these relics exist, though a lot of links are dead. 

🎵 Inna 

Inna is the most slept-on queen of bops in the United States. Whenever I listen to the Romanian pop star, I feel like I’m transcending into another universe. Her best songs are “Hot” and “Amazing” which are her OG hits from around the late 2000s, though she has some great newer music. Her more recent stuff is more manicured but still really good...just different without that raw, clubby kinda lo-fi Romanian spice. Take a listen...you’ll feel like you’re flying.  

🚕 Taxicab Confessions

I think Uber, Lyft, or yellow cab drivers know me the best. I think it’s easy to read someone when they are kinda trapped in a cab. I probably have told these drivers more than my own friends...lucky them. Anyways, it brings me to Taxicab Confessions, the HBO series that ran from 1995 - 2006. (Glory years were in NYC from 95-96 until Rudy Guiliani shut the show down!) Basically, the driver would film their passengers doing whatever and talking about whatever. I thought it was just me but other people like to divulge everything when they are in a car...The one that has stuck most with me is this drunk girl, who I later found out was an actress and co-wrote American Psycho, talking about how she envisions herself with someone. “I never, like, wanna get normal. I wanna be, like, making love to you, day and night, night and day. I don’t want to shop with you. That’s fucked up.”...Oomph. You get the picture. The clip is available on YouTube. I posted one to my Instagram of this rock dude in the back of a cab acting crazy with this girl and actually, my coworker knew the guy and tagged him...he’s Sean Pierce of The Toilet Boys. He explained that it was a setup between him and the cab driver who was the director Todd Phillips. I love the series so much I have merch from it. PS. The writer C. Brian Smith did an amazing oral history about the series for Mel Magazine (RIP!).

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