#9: Songwriter Basil Nkenchor

Anime, Happy 99's 3D Runways, and more

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Basil Nkenchor to come on perfectly imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

Basil is that first friend that comes to mind when you need a new piece in your closet or living room. With an impeccable taste in the arts, fashion, and music, he’s always ahead of the times, and he’s here to share some of his favorites with us!

Without further ado—

Basil Nkenchor (instagram, soundcloud)

Hi! I’m Basil Nkenchor and I’m an aspiring song writer, and Japanese culture enthusiast chiming in from Torrington, CT to share some of my favorite books, shows, furniture, music, and clothes I couldn’t go without moving into the fall season.

🥼: Cam Hicks x DSM for WWAV T-Shirt

With everything going on in the world and the election shortly approaching, a vast majority of the fashion industry has been forced to open their eyes and take action. Dover Street Market teamed up with various artists and WWAV (When We All Vote) to get everyone out to vote in the upcoming election. The most outstanding piece was created by a black artist named Cam Hicks. He’s an aspiring creative director and his sweater highlights the many things that voting can change.

🛋: Lichen NYC

If you love minimal furniture with a bit of a nuanced look, checkout Lichen. It’s an archival collection that consists of designer furniture located in Brooklyn, NY. I discovered this store while I was living in Brooklyn. They have an amazing selection of home goods and other little trinkets. I most recently bought their bamboo divider and it is great for large spaces that need a unique way to be sectioned off.

👕: Happy 99

I can say with full conviction that Happy 99 is probably one of my favorite clothing brands to date. The craziest part is that the clothes are just the bonus when it comes to Happy 99. The designers @domsolo and @spicyobj take great pride in their well designed clothes, accessories, 3D advertisements, and even home slippers! They have an interesting way of showcasing their pieces through their 3D runways, check them out here.

📺: Great Pretender, Perfect Blue, and Samurai Champloo

Quarantine can be very boring, with all types of fun activities slowly reopening, the quickest way to feel any sense of excitement is through streaming services. For someone who really appreciates Japanese culture, there’s tons of anime that did just the trick for me. Here are a few shows that would entice both veteran and newcomers to the anime world. P.S Samurai Champloo has an amazing soundtrack with an opening theme song created by Nujabes (RIP).

🎵: Toro y Moi: Soul Trash (2019)

Anything Toro y Moi is pretty much heaven sent, but Soul Trash is the culmination of all the things you love in electronic, dance, trap, and ambient music pressed into a nice panini.

🎵: Frank Ocean: Memrise

Glad I came across this song earlier this Summer. Frank Ocean has always been effortless with his pen and even his throwaway tracks speak mountains. This is one has kept my headphones in my pockets and a nice little 2 minute song to sit with.

🎵: blaccmass

I don’t even have to say much. If you can mash Empire of the Sun and Playboi Carti and make it slap you are officially the goat 🐐

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