#77: Kathleen Sorbara (Chickees Vintage)

Kathleen Sorbara on ALD Socks, Affordable Therapy, Nitehawk Popcorn, and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Kathleen Sorbara to come on Perfectly Imperfect & redistribute her wealth of good taste.

Former model Kathleen Sorbara is the owner of Chickees Vintage, a small shop in Williamsburg with a selection of vintage clothing that feels perfect for our current moment. If you’re looking for museum & art tees, classic levi 501s, Gucci loafers, 80s slacks, or Giorgio Armani dresses, Chickees is the spot. And if they don’t have any vintage Gucci loafers in your size, for $325 she’ll find you a pair of your own! Stop by this Friday (May 28th) for wines from Wines Therapy, produce from Alimentari Flâneur, and designs from Home Economics (big shouts to Sophia). Kathleen has great taste and lucky for us, she’s here to talk about what she’s been into. Subscribe for curated recs like these in your inbox, 2x a week.

Without further ado

Kathleen Sorbara (instagram)

🍇 @maj_kiosk & @imevintage

Currently I am obsessed with both of these vintage accounts. From what I’ve gathered, @maj_kiosk seems to be an NYC ex-pat living in Rome, scouring thrift stores and flea markets throughout Italy. Honestly a dream scenario to me, and I’m sold on that fantasy before I even see the clothes that she posts. But! Let me tell you about the clothes! She finds the most beautiful 1990s/early 2000s Prada-Jil Sander-Gaultier style vintage clothing, as well as vintage deadstock Italian swim & lingerie. This is the Y2K that you won’t be finding on Depop. @imevintage, another favorite, travels through the Midwest and finds the most sensual vintage furniture pieces. Think of the home in Call Me By Your Name, but then also what I would imagine the offices of Giorgio Armani looked like in the eighties. There are few things she posts that I couldn’t imagine in my home.

💆‍♀️ Openpathcollective.org

Most days have been pretty good lately. But, there are some days where I am hit with an insane wave of existentialism and life feels completely meaningless. With that being said, therapy is something that has kept me grounded throughout the past year. A really useful tool that some of my friends have used to find good, affordable therapy is openpathcollective.org — with or without insurance, you can search therapists within your zip code for ~$30 & upwards a session.

🧦 ALD Socks

It’s laundry day when I’ve run out of my good socks in my sock drawer... and those are my Aime Leon Dore socks. We all know ALD, but do you know about their socks? I am slowly but surely replacing my collection of Hanes ankle socks from Target with the luxe deliciousness that is the Aime Leon Dore sock. 

🎞  Nitehawk Popcorn

Movie theaters in NYC have opened back up, and I live and die for Nitehawk’s popcorn. I’m not a crazy truffle person, but I love their “Nitehawk Popcorn” which consists of truffle oil & citric salt. I tried making it at home during lockdown and it wasn’t the same. Before theaters were open, Nitehawk was delivering their popcorn, and I would actually spend $15 and order this to my apartment because it’s the best. But go to the actual theater since it’s open now and order this popcorn! Devour it before the movie even starts! Order another bowl of it! Relish in the stomachache afterwards! It’s absolutely worth it.

🔥 Bois de Santal by Frederic Malle

A candle that is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Our most frequently asked question in the shop is “what are you burning?” and the answer is this candle.

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