#74: Andrew Sven Ohman (@tiosven)

Sven (aka Tio) on Cassettes, The Criterion Channel, Loquats, and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Andrew Sven Ohman to come on Perfectly Imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

Hailing from East Boston, Sven (aka Tio) just drove across country living out of his Toyota. At his “auto body shop”, aptly titled Tio’s Auto Body, you can expect to find things such as the Tio Tie, a made to order tie constructed from recycled quilt scraps and deer hide passed down from his brother in law, or the Big Sur bag, a uniquely shaped reversible tote. Keep your eyes peeled because he’s going to start selling cut and sew graphic t-shirts in June. Tio has great taste and lucky for us, he’s here to talk about what he’s been into.

Without further ado

Andrew Sven Ohman (instagram, website)

Hello my name is Andrew but I usually go by my middle name Sven / Tio - I’m an uncle, artist, jewelry, and a self proclaimed mechanic. I was born and raised in East Boston and I currently live out in California or wherever my car was last parked. I've Always Wanted To Be A Cowboy...

🌑 👖 Unsound Rags

The day I got to LA after driving across the country, these guys welcomed me with open arms. Unsound Rags is a vintage clothing shop with a showroom in Los Angeles. You may recognize the boys at Unsound (informally known as the "Shadow Crew") walking around the Arts District dressed in all shades of black (besides Rashaun). You might even catch them walking out of concrete walls or stealing mimosas off tables at ZINC. No but for real, this is the only place I’ve shopped at on the west coast. I just recently bought a pair of tan Wranglers from them and it's the best pair denim I own. I haven't worn my Levis since... Thanks guys.  

👢 Justin Boots

I'm only putting this one in here because it's the question I get asked the most. What boots do you wear? My favorite boot ever is the SEGUIN boot from Justin. I've had them for two years now and they keep getting better. I was never much of a sneaker head anyways... 

🎥 🤠 🛣 The Criterion Channel

Cancel your Netflix account and get a Criterion subscription. It is a movie streaming service featuring an eclectic mix of classical and contemporary films. I recently watched The Maestro: King of the Cowboy artists. The movie follows Gerald Gaxiola, a man that quits his job and takes on the persona of the American Cowboy to make art for art's sake. It feels like I'm following suit. They had Two Lane Blacktop on there for a while starring young James Taylor and Dennis Wilson from the Beach Boys. That film prompted me to buy a car and travel across the country. There are so many other gems on there, it’s hard to miss.

🎵 🚘 Cassette Tapes

I'm lucky enough to have a car that still has a cassette player. I have now accumulated a small library of tapes that fill up my glove box and passenger seat. Having tangible music in the car is important because you never know when you're out of service or without a phone. Plus I enjoy listening to albums from top to bottom. Here are the ones I play the most...

Sade - Stronger than Pride

Al Green - Unchained Melody 

Pat Metheny Group - Still Life(Talking)

🍋 ✨ Loquats

I was walking around Silverlake one evening when I saw this elderly Polish woman picking small yellow fruits off a tree. I approached her asking what the name of the fruit was and she insisted I try one before she would tell. Without hesitation I trusted this lady and took a bite. These things are delicious. When ripe, Loquats are sweet and juicy with hints of citrus... just watch out for the seeds in the middle. For the last month this has been my go to snack. I’ll even pull over if I see a tree. Thanks Zuza.

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