#73: Allegra Lorenzotti (@sendolives)

Allegra Lorenzotti on Noto Deep Serum, Lucio Dalla's Music, Dark Horse Fermented Dijon, and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Allegra Lorenzotti to come on Perfectly Imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

If you like olives, Allegra is a must-follow. Her IG, @sendolives, is a page that even I follow and enjoy as someone who doesn’t like olives 😬 (really outing myself here) — it’s a pretty simple premise, send her pics of your olive adventures & you’ll be featured on her feed in all it’s green & purple glory. In addition to the IG she puts out really slick merch such as this tote or this forest green crewneck, and recently she started selling marinated olives at Alimentari Flâneur, a produce market in NYC started by Daniel Emilio Soares. Allegra has great taste and lucky for us, she’s here to talk about what she’s been into.

Without further ado

Allegra Lorenzotti (instagram)

💆🏼 Noto DEEP serum

I want to take a bath in this serum. It’s a luxe, indulgent, everyday necessity that makes your skin look and feel like it just had a fat drink of water. From the bottle, to the scent, to application to absorption - my morning and night moments with this serum are the best parts of my day.

📚 AREA book

If you’ve never heard of Area, it was a themed nightclub that operated in the mid 80s in NYC. It was the hottest club in town and unlike any that came before it. Truly irreplaceable, unrepeatable and one of its kind, every six weeks the club would go under a total transformation unveiling a unique theme. The nights were legendary and among it inhabited the most interesting, melting pot of people. This book gives you a glimpse into those special nights and constantly serves as a reminder of the magic that can occur in only a place like NYC. 

🦖 Dinosaur Designs

I’ve loved and shopped at Dinosaur Designs for years. Their beautiful, fun and functional resin homewares are the ultimate gift for your friend and your mother. I’m obsessed with their large serving platters and the way they make any dish look whimsical. There aren’t many places where I feel like you can shop for any sort of person, but Dinosaur Designs just might be it. 

🎵 Any and Every Lucio Dalla song 

Lucio Dalla’s beloved melodies bring me right back to my childhood, driving in the car with my dad. To this day it’s music that brings a smile to my face, acts as the backdrop to aperitivo hour, a flight, and a comfort when I miss my family. If you’ve never dabbled in italian music or are looking for something new, I highly suggest diving into some Lucio. 

📽️ Paolo Sorrentino

Sticking to the Italian theme, Paolo Sorrentino is a director I suggest to everyone. From his opulent and explicit love letter to Rome with La Grande Belleza, to his portrait of Berlusconi in Loro, Sorrentino pays homage to Italy's cinematic past with the most art forward eye. His pictures are always a true delight to indulge in. 

🌺 💦 Ruby

Who knew that hibiscus water would be the beverage I never knew I would crave daily. Zero sugar, 1 ingredient, antioxidant rich and full of electrolytes - Ruby is my new afternoon companion, mezcal mixer, post workout sip and generally all around go to non-water beverage. Tart, Crisp and just a little sweet - I’m hooked. 

🌭 Dark Horse Fermented Dijon 

Let me start by saying I am a BIG condiment girl with mustard, being my number one. Dark Horse’s fermented Dijon, however, is just next level GOOD. So good that I go through approximately a jar every 1.5 weeks. A little sweet from a touch of honey, a little smoky from capers and onion and a touch spicy - it’s all ground up to perfection to create an addictingly good and your new “put-on- everything” condiment. 

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