#72: Kevin Fallon (Fantasy Explosion)

Kevin Fallon aka Fantasy Explosion on Randazzo’s Clam Bar, Almond Butter, Brian Karlsson's Photography, and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Kevin Fallon to come on Perfectly Imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

Kevin Fallon is the man behind Fantasy Explosion, a legendary vintage shop known for its New York based ephemera and apparel. However, he’s not just stocking hyper-specific NYC jawns, his keen eye for all sorts of interesting oddities leads to Friday drops that tend to sell out before you can make it through all of the pages. So head on over to his Instagram for sneak peeks of what’ll be included on each drop, whether it’s a hat commemorating the Nor’easter of ‘92 or this Carnegie Hall Tee. If you’d rather see his stuff in person, he’s running a Spring Pop-Up in Bryant Park, Manhattan from May 31st to June 20th— so pop in & look around! Kevin has great taste and lucky for us, he’s here to talk about what he’s been into.

Without further ado

Kevin Fallon (instagram)

🍽 Randazzo’s Clam Bar 🍝

Sheepshead Bay is known for its terrible fishing boats, Russian espresso, money laundering and of course Randazzo’s -  A 90 Year old Family Seafood institution that offers a uniquely inelegant dining experience. The walls are lined floor to ceiling with fishing relics, family portraits, gifts from regulars and Sheepshead Bay ephemera. If it came from the sea, it’s on the menu. The wait staff is made up of Sheepshead locals that aren’t there for small talk. They serve you a tiny plastic cup with your Corona and yell orders across the room to each other. Great for people watching and a great stop on your bike ride to the Rockaways. Stay away from the Scungilli and order the “Calamah”.

🎵 Juan Wuaters – Real Life Situations

I’ve been following Juan Wuaters (The Beets) solo efforts for a few years now, and he continues to stay in rotation. His new album Real Life Situations (Captured Tracks) explores multiple genres and was made during isolation in 2020 quarantine. Favorites are “Locura” and “Presentation”.

🥜 Saratoga Peanut Butter Company’s “Just Almonds” Almond Butter

I was renting a house upstate around Ashokan Reservoir and stumbled on this almond butter at a local grocery store. It’s nothing but almonds! The branding is terrible but it’s the best almond butter I’ve ever had. It’s not too creamy or thick, filled with fine chunks of fresh almonds. When I returned home it was hard to find, so I ordered a case online. If you’ve never tried a dollop of almond butter on a spoon and with a single green grape – I’ll see you on the other side.  

🥧 Steve’s Key Lime Pie

There’s simply no other Key Lime Pie. Whenever I’m in Red Hook I always stop by Steve’s for a cup of coffee, pie to go, and a walk down the pier. I try to bring a Steve’s pie to functions and birthdays with friends. Always a crowd pleaser. Go get some pie!

📸 @Voyeur1 (Brian Karlsson)

Brian is one of the hardest working street film photographers in New York City. I love his ability to curate photo carousels with linear narrative themes. He captures authentic moments that happened just behind you. His work is a reminder that New York is alive and odd in all the right places when you aren’t looking. Sometimes when he leaves the Fantasy office in Williamsburg, he walks to Harlem just to take pictures along the way. I’ve seen some of his unreleased projects and you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you follow along too.

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