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Perfectly Imperfect on the Sitting Pretty Newsletter, Couch Coasters, Tortilla Pizza, and more!

Welcome to Perfectly Imperfect #62 👋

If you’re new here after The Ion Pack, Jason Stewart, Rachel Tashjian, or any of our other guests in March, welcome! Perfectly Imperfect is a 2x/week newsletter featuring good ol’ fashioned curated recommendations from real people. Check out the archive for more and as always, join the Perfectly Imperfect Discord to keep the conversation going.

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Tyler Bainbridge (instagramletterboxdlast.fm)

📩 Sitting Pretty Newsletter

If you've ever wished Perfectly Imperfect was specifically for furniture, home goods, and art recs— Sitting Pretty is the newsletter for you. Tyler Watamanuk just dropped the first edition of his new bi-weekly digest of cool shit a few weeks ago & there are a lot of really great picks here. He also writes interesting essays about furniture such as this piece titled "Everything Is Squiggly and Wiggly".

🎥 Marie Antoniette (2006)

This movie rules!! From the moment I heard Gang of Four's Natural's Not In it in the trailer I knew I was in for a real treat. Sofia Coppola is really on her A-game here and blends an alt-rock sound track, beautiful costumes, contemporary themes, and brilliant storytelling style to create something fully her own.

🎞️ David Lynch on Cooking Quinoa

It's shit like this that really cements David as one of my favorite artists— only he could take something as simple as cooking quinoa and turn it into an absolutely riveting and bizarre short film. Lynch really needs his own cooking show.

🎵 Phillip Glass - Glassworks: IV. Rubric

I can't stop listening to this song (and all of Glassworks). Definitely check this one out if you're a fan of contemporary composers such as Jon Brion. Mesmerizing and beautiful stuff. Listen while taking a walk on a spring day.

👚 PRAKASH'S HALF-ZIP PULLOVER from Everybody.World

If you love the look of LA Apparel's basics, but don't want to support Dov (and value inclusivity + environmentally friendly clothing production), Everybody.World is the brand for you. I pre-ordered this Quarter Zip a while back & wow— this thing is lovely! High quality recycled cotton, a beautiful shade of green, and an unassuming style make this the perfect piece for me.

🏠 Modernica Fiberglass Chair

As some of you may know, I moved to NYC a few days ago & unfortunately I didn't have time to wait for a set of 4 vintage Eames Fiberglass Chairs to pop up on IG reseller pages, so I had to buy new. I know what you're probably thinking, that says "Modernica" and not "Eames", however, Modernica owns the original presses for this chair and actually makes the most authentic version of this chair on the market. These guys look and feel incredible, I copped 4 in different colors to brighten up my new kitchen.

Alex Cushing (instagramtwitterlast.fmgoodreads)

📺 Brave New Wear

Youtuber, influencer, & brand owner Jacob Wallace released a new “object dyed shell jacket” (beautiful), along with a video & quick Q&A. In that Q&A, Jacob, Fernando, and Trevor were asked about their opinions on the current state of Fashion Youtube. This is where I first heard of Christian Scibetta’s Brave New Wear channel.
Here you can find excellent clothing reviews, deep dives into topics you probably have only dedicated a few seconds of thought to, and high effort videos on other cultural topics, from furniture to fashion reps. He also has a poppin discord with a sizable userbase crossover with the PI cord.

I’m sure that I’m late on the train to this channel (better late than never!), but for the rest of you who are unaware, check it out — it’s super entertaining content.

Couch Coasters

Ever have a drink you want to put down, but you’re lounging on your couch and couldn’t be bothered to navigate between a side / coffee table and your fully-lounged-comfortable-almost-asleep position? Couch coasters (as seen on TV!!) are an ideal solution! Sure, they definitely sacrifice form for function, but that is where some of the beauty comes from. These coasters are bright red, have long “wings” to hug your couch’s arms, and an insert to allow for a more cozy fit for smaller cups and cans. So these coasters hug the arms of a couch, does that render them unusable when you’re stuck with the center seat? Im glad you asked! Nope! The weighted wings sit flat next to you when there are no couch arms in sight.

🍚 Kenji’s Fried Rice but as a midnight snack

I often find myself watching Kenji’s food videos in the background as I work, I just toss one on in the morning and let them “shuffle” play in the background while I get work done. Occasionally I hear a video and think “huh that would be fun to try”, usually because of how easy it sounds for someone with such basic skills as I. This time, that video was his fried rice video, which I happened to first test at midnight when at a loss for just what the heck to eat. The recipe was easy, fast, and honestly delicious! I don’t have a Wok, but it didn’t suffer too bad, so I feel safe rec-ing it as a nice n easy basic midnight snack.

🪡 Psychic Outlaw

Wow, Alex! Another repurposed textiles brand! So unique and cool!
Well, that’s a good point! I do happen to find a lot of these companies, and yet I still love the trend. What is unique about Psychic Outlaw, and what helps to set them apart from the competition, is their offerings in both readymade garments as well as made-to-order (provide your own quilts!). Their custom garments are beautiful and, in a similar vein to something like Bode (less of a focus on a cohesive feel, more eclectic), where the aesthetic is very handmade, timeless, beautiful and 1 of 1, but still relatively affordable.

📣 Shoutouts

Metalwood Studios

Recently Watched Zine (only available in free e-edition)

Serey Morm (instagramtwittervsco)

📼 We Need To Talk About Anti-Asian Hate

Okay. I'm gonna try to keep this very short. I hope we've all been woken up by the slew of #StopAsianHate tweets and posts in light of the recent rise in violence against AAPIs (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders). As an AAPI, I don't think I've ever stopped and asked myself, what does #StopAsianHate even mean? This really informative video does a great job of unpacking why Asian Americans are being targeted. More importantly, it touches upon the fact that this is a cycle that has happened over, and over again.

🎥 Ginny & Georgia

Maybe I've been living under a rock, but I learned that dramedy was an actual word/genre this week. I would compare the references in this show, which are on point btw, to my Twitter timeline. I don't wanna give off too much, but this is one of those shows that starts and ends in a completely different tone, so stick around. It's really great, and I highly recommend it if you've got some time to burn (I did 10 hours in like 3 days).

🃏 Sequence

If you're like me, and have a 2-second long attention span, this board game is it. It's a pretty simple game to pick up. It's basically connect 4, but with a few twists and you can team up with friends. The best part about this board game is that you can mess up the other teams, so there's some trash-talking involved, so that's right up my alley. Paired with some alcohol, it's a really great time.

🍕 Late Night Tortilla Pizza

We’re heavy on the Kenji recipes around here. Our fridge is now constantly stocked with pizza sauce because of this recipe. I'm always hungry whenever it's too late to even be hungry, and I've already had dinner. This tortilla based pizza is soo quick and easy to make for those late night snacks. You can toss literally anything you have left in the fridge on this. One tip from me is that you can use mozzarella sticks as the cheese topping!

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