#6: Musician Peggy O’Sullivan

Jenny Slate, Rolling Rock, Spooky Ryan Gosling Doo-Wop, and more

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Peggy O’Sullivan to come on perfectly imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

Peg’s had a bunch of music projects that I’ve enjoyed over the years. Earlier this year she put out the song Jenni, which has a mesmerizing melody & beautiful music video. Oh and btw! Today is her birthday 🍰 and she was nice enough to give you the gift of great recommendations, so be sure to wish her a “happy b-day!” in return 😄.

Without further ado—

Peggy O’Sullivan (instagram)

Hello I’m Peg and today is my birthday. I live on Cape Cod, the greatest place on Earth and also my first informal recommendation. My qualifications for writing on this nice platform that my nice friends created are as follows; I am a human person with an individual experience that believes the things I like are the best things to like because I like them. Here are some of those things;

🍺: Rolling Rock

If you’re a person that likes real beer, skip this one. I only like beer that tastes like water. Rolling Rock is what my parents drank when they first moved to America, so every one of my baby photos also features some gorgeous glowing green Rock bottle. If you drink Rolling Rock you can say things like, “Wanna get Rock’d tonight?”, “Pass me the Rock”, and “It’s slug Rock o’ clock”. It is illegal to drink Rock from a can. Rolling Rock is $13 for an 18.

🥬: Brussel Sprouts

I had never tried brussel sprouts until early 2020. I cannot stop eating brussel sprouts. I cut em up an wash em an toss em in a pan with some oil then toss on some salt n’ pep n’ garlic pow n’ sometimes paprika. I cook them until they’re burnt on the outside but still crunchy on the inside. Never buy them frozen. Never boil. Never steam. Brussel sprouts.

🎵: The Japanese House - Chewing Cotton Wool EP

Every song on this release is great for different reasons, but “Dionne” has the line: Wishing that someone would film the way I’m looking at you right now, I want to watch it back and then kill myself. I’m almost never a fan of features in songs, and this is true for Justin Vernon’s feature in “Dionne”, but people love Bon Iver and the addition is completely inoffensive to me, so we’re cool.

🎵🎃🍂⚰️: Dead Man’s Bones - Dead Man’s Bones

Ryan Gosling co-wrote a spooky doo-wop album in 2009 that features a childrens choir. We’re over halfway through September so this is what I’ll be spinning every day until Nov 1st. If you’re skeptical, start with “My Body’s A Zombie For You”, “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave”, and “Pa Pa Power”. If you like it, check out this impeccable live performance of an unreleased track called “Name in Stone”, one of my favorite songs ever written.

📚: Jenny Slate - Little Weirds

This book is an important read for kind souls everywhere. More so now than ever before I’ve felt lost and far away from myself. Jenny always brings me home. She’s sweet and wild and warm and honest and when I cry on the pages we cry together. It’s also a breeze to read between the 10 pages of Proust I can hardly handle per day. 

🎥: Older than Ireland

This is a very light, sweet, and easy documentary for anyone to enjoy. The whole doc is a series of interviews with different Irish centenarians. They are hilarious and heart wrenching. It’s a gentle reminder of the simple beauty and sweetness of the human race. 

🍗: Daiya Blue Cheeze

I AM NOT A VEGAN. I started looking for vegan blue cheese because every Saturday I watch UFC and bake whole chicken wings and devour them and my stomach cannot handle the enormous amount of regular blue cheese that I ingest. I bought this vegan blue cheese expecting it to suck but Oh My God. I have no idea how they did it but it tastes exactly like the real stuff. Now I indulge, guilt free pain free. 

Photo credit to Dennis Levesque

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