#56: Elijah Anderson (@spacehose)

Artist & Illustrator Elijah Anderson (@spacehose) on Record Magazine, a sample-based sequencer, Bar Par Time Radio, and more!

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Elijah Anderson to come on Perfectly Imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

Elijah Anderson is a self-taught artist & illustrator from Sarasota, Florida who now resides in Brooklyn, NY. From his work with Bar Part Time to Lite Year and Saucony— his illustrations combine texture, color, and playful proportions to create a style that’s fully his own. Follow him on Instagram and keep an eye out, occasionally he’s selling original ink drawings on there 👀. Elijah has great taste and lucky for us, he’s here to talk about what he’s been into.

Without further ado

Elijah Anderson (instagram)

🖌 Affinity Designer

I’ve had a difficult time finding an affordable illustration program for a while (one that works in vectors, which my go to app “procreate” doesn’t offer). But Affinity is a great, affordable (~$30 one time payment for iPad and ~$60 for desktop) alternative to Adobe software. They also offer a publishing program and a photo editing program.

🎨 Grief and Grievance: Art and Mourning in America 

Great show up at New Museum, originally curated by Okwui Enwezor, who passed away in 2018 before it was completed. Themes of mourning and grief shown through the works of thirty-seven artists such as Kerry James Marshall, Carrie Mae Weems, and Kara Walker. (Pretty heavy show, but well worth the feels...) 

🎧 Telecom Audio

 New(ish) label that my two good friends have started! They have a monthly show on the lot radio, recently released their first tape (Prone 2, by omo igi -on most platforms), and are getting cool merch together soon :)

🎹 Elektron Models:Samples

Very fun, sample-based sequencer/synthesizer. It has provided me with lots of fun this winter, I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to make some sounds. 

📙 🎧. Record Magazine

Very nice publication that has recently released their 8th issue (available in select shops and through their website). Each issue explores themes of record culture, DJ culture, and general music things. Lots of great interviews and photos dealing with these various topics...I also currently have a drawing featured in their latest issue :’)

They have some very sweet merch as well, and are soon offering a subscription option. 

🍷 Bar Part Time Radio

One of the people running Bar Part Time (Jeremy) was one of your first guests I believe, so I dont feel the need to get into toooo much detail about everything they do (basically, it’s a wine delivery service based in the Bay Area who I’ve done a bit of illustration/design work with.) But since then, they have bought a brick and mortar spot that will be open hopefully by the end of summer, and they’ve also started a really sweet series of mixes with different DJs/wine lovers. They’ve got mixes from some awesome musicians/djs/producers (Yu Su, Ade Kassim, Suzanne Kraft, Earth Boys) that all seem to pair quite well with a nice glass of wine. Lots of new exciting mixes coming from them soon as well.

🧘 Clarity by Vie

Vie is an amazing energy worker/healer based in California, who offers their services via zoom calls to anybody who’s interested. I was gifted a 30 minute reading for Christmas, and It was really such a nice experience. She goes through your natal chart, pulls cards, and recommends different healing practices that she might seem applicable to your energy. I was really impressed by everything she had to say, and although this was my first time doing something like this so in depth, I got some very important things out of it in terms of my own spiritual “purpose”, etc. (those things in your spirit that you always know are there, but are sometimes hard to explain or put into words)...I would recommend to anybody who might be going through any sort of spiritual awakening, as I think lots of us have spent a lot of time in our own head this past year!

🫔 Instant Pot

This might be obvious to some, and ridiculous to others...but this thing is truly a game changer in the kitchen. Excellent tamales in under an hour? Perfect rice every time? Say no more, fam. This thing will make you question everything you’ve ever done with your food/life. Comes in three sizes, you can even get one that looks like r2d2!?

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