#53: Rachel Karten

Social Media Consultant Rachel Karten on Omsom, Ebay Poster Shopping, The Entireworld of Dog Clothes, and more!

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Rachel Karten to come on Perfectly Imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

Rachel was one of the award-winning minds (along w/ Emily Schultz) behind Bon Appetit’s brilliant social media, an authentic style of food-posting that felt fresh, fun, and exciting. These days she’s a freelance Social Media Consultant who is sharing what she’s learned about social media on Link in Bio, a bi-weekly newsletter that features her own POV, interviews with social media managers, and job postings from cool brands. She’s a must-follow on Instagram if well-shot photos of food, dogs, martinis, and clothes are your thing— it’s definitely ours! Rachel has great taste and lucky for us, she’s here to talk about what she’s been into.

Without further ado

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🌶️ Omsom

It’s honestly awkward how much I talk about Omsom. I’ve had people assume I work for them because I post about them so much. Here’s the deal: they make “starters”, which are essentially pantry shortcuts for a specific Asian recipe—all the sauces, aromatics, and seasonings you need. My personal favorite is the larb starter, which comes with a fish sauce-heavy seasoning packet and nutty toasted rice powder. In a year where I fell in love with cooking and then out of love with cooking (then repeat that cycle again and again), these Omsom starters have been a constant. Plus, their branding and social media rules.

🛁 Baina Towels

Sometimes I get mad at my Instagram explore page because it’s just all squiggly candles, checkerboard prints, and sun-soaked interiors. Like, is that who I really am? But then I look in my bathroom and realize it is. I now have both the green checkerboard Baina bath mat and the red checkerboard Baina towel. YOU GOT ME, INSTAGRAM. Whatever, the towel is perfect (not too soft!) and the bath mat makes my feet extra happy. Haven’t gotten into the squiggly candle trend yet though—take that, explore page.

🍴 For The Culture

I just finished the first issue of For The Culture, a new magazine from Klancy Miller celebrating Black women in food and wine, and already can’t wait to read the next. I particularly loved Cha McCoy’s interview with winemaker Krista Scruggs, hearing how Jenna Wortham has been practicing self-care, and Omolola Olateju’s essay Being Black in Hospitality. After leaving my job in food media, I was feeling a little burnt out on consuming food media. This magazine changed that.

🎨 Late-Night Poster Shopping

Nothing like a strong martini to get you in the mood for… shopping for vintage posters on eBay! Social lubricant? More like bidding lubricant. I do my best eBay shopping with a martini in hand, and this tactic has produced some of my best buys yet. Like this tomato poster from Milton Glaser, this pear poster from Milton Glaser, and this mortadella-themed movie poster featuring Sophia Loren. Are we sensing a theme here? Yes, my apartment is littered with food-themed (and gin-fueled) eBay purchases. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

🐕🐕 Little Beast

I accidentally got two dogs (went to adopt one, ended up with two) a few months ago and my boyfriend stated up front that we will NOT be pet parents who buy their dogs clothes. Fast-forward one month and Nancy (one of our dogs) is wearing a fleece onesie that looks like assless chaps from Little Beast. So how did we get here? Little Beast isn’t your typical dog clothes company and my boyfriend agreed. The brand is sort of like if Entireworld made dog clothes—comfy, classic striped patterns, and a good selection of colors. Sold. 

🧼 Barkeeper’s Friend

I have never received as much engagement on an Instagram Story as when I posted a before and after of using Barkeeper’s Friend on my Le Creuset. I was resigned to the fact that my matte white Dutch oven would just forever have a brown ombré effect on the bottom half thanks to years of it sitting on a burner. But no! The magic that is Barkeeper’s Friend and a shit ton of scrubbing took it off in, like, 20 minutes flat. Extremely satisfying. Highly recommend.

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