#44: Alexis Schwartz (Thirsty Thirsty Wine Club)

Thirsty Thirsty's Alexis Schwartz on Rancho Gordo beans, Baths, Walking Slowly, and more

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Alexis Schwartz to come on Perfectly Imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

Many cultures around the world recognize six seasons in the calendar year and Schwartz’s Thirsty Thirsty Six Season Natural Wine Club sends out 4 bottles from helen’s wines every other month that match the theme. The next season “Wolf (Prevernal, Pre-Spring)” starts in February, so sign up now and balance your connection to body and earth. Alexis also runs Garrafada, which offers regeneratively grown Herbs, Plant Workshops, & Herbal Medicine that celebrate Indigenous Wisdom & Love — proceeds will support 501(c)3 WALK Center. Alexis has great taste and lucky for us, she’s here to talk about what she’s been into.

Without further ado

Alexis Schwartz (@alexistschwartz, @thirstythirsty, @garrafadaherbs)

Brazilian Jewish Rainbow Love Child Earth & Wine Lover

🥜 Rancho Gordo beans

When you’re a broke gourmande heirloom beans feel heaven sent. I’m Brazilian and whenever I’m there, I eat a ton of the green beans indigenous to our region in the North East. When I’m eating them every meal I always feel my best. Turns out beans are incredible detoxifiers. Beans bind toxins in our body to bile which pull out toxins more efficiently from the body. I think they’re an important part of balancing out my wine drinking heh and they feel like a hug.

🥂 Thirsty Thirsty Wine Club

Okay I had to. I turned my Natural Wine Events biz into a wine club, and I’m very excited about it. It’s called The Six Seasons Wine Club. You get wine from my favorite winemakers around the world and we talk about the lessons of each season. There are medicinal recipes to help you stay balanced, and I want to start doing some workshops. My events were always festive but discreetly educational. It’s been rewarding to push myself to share more of what I’ve learned over my 10 years in the wine biz and get over my imposter syndrome. 

🛁 Baths/Footbaths

Baths have been a major part of Indigenous healing work around the world forever. I started drawing epsom salt baths + herbs + rocks/crystals at home and it’s become elemental in my healing journey. When you’re in a bath you’ve lovingly made for yourself, it’s like returning to the womb. It’s also a fraction of the cost of those sensory deprivation chambers. I get my deepest cries in the bath and my most valuable moments of clarity. Foot baths are also awesome if you don’t have a bath and they are quick to clean up. I even successfully got my surfer boyfriend hooked on post-ocean footbaths.

🐢 Walking Slowly

I lived in New York City for a decade and did everything really fast. I heard a podcast once, I couldn’t find it for this, talking about the power going slow, of Turtle medicine. Going slow is an antidote to the intensity and stress that hits us all day long in the whirlpool of capitalism. I moved away last year and am trying to make an effort to slow down. A great way to consciously slow down is to focus on walking slowly. When I can successfully catch myself, my whole mentality shifts. I realize I can breathe and my shoulders drop. I create additional tension for myself when I rush. I found this popular Ted Talk on Slowness that demonstrates how going slow can transform our daily lives for the better. Stop and smell the roses. 

🌿 Nettle Tea

I started an herbalism apprenticeship this year with an Indigenous elder and now am surrounded by a bunch of inspiring herb people. Every one that you talk to about their “Top 5” herbs can’t resist including nettle. It’s so unassuming. It’s not crazy aromatic, or even a particularly beautiful plant at first glance. But, Nettle is an all around, super-nourishing plant for humans. It supports the respiratory system, hormone regulation, and reduces inflammation (which many of us city humans are wrought by). You can also sip it all the time without worrying you’re overdoing it. It’s very harmonious with our systems. It is easy to grow in a pot on your fire escape, too!

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