#32: Josh Itiola (Vitsoe)

Interior Design Consultant Josh Itiola on Babylon (1980), Cooking, Natural Incense, and more

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Josh Itiola to come on Perfectly Imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

I started following Josh a few months ago after seeing this picture of a corner in his apartment. This space has that has seen several iterations on his feed, whether it’s a new piece of art on the wall or a simple reorganization of the objects below, it’s a glimpse into the mind of a New York based Interior and furniture consultant who seems to embody every facet of good taste. From his daily Instagram stories documenting his morning pour over routine, his beautiful interior photos, to modeling for 3sixteen, Josh is a constant source of inspiration— lucky for us, he’s here to talk about what he’s been into.

Without further ado

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Josh Itiola (instagram, twitter, website)

Hi, my name is Josh Itiola. I live and work in New York City. I’m not big on writing about myself but I do love talking to people about the things that have excited me or inspired me lately, and listening to what has been doing the same for them. Perfectly Imperfect seems like the perfect place to have that conversation. So, here I go.....

📽️ Babylon (1980)

Set in the south London neighborhood of Brixton in 1980. The film follows Blue, a young Jamaican man and his friends as he pursues his music career while dealing with the realness of racism and xenophobia. When released in theaters the movie Originally deemed “too controversial, and likely to incite racial tension” and was given a “X” rating. Funny enough it was finally released in the US in 2019 right in the midst of our own racial reckoning. Right now more than ever Babylon feels very close to home. I highly recommend the watch, Plus the music in the film is sooo damn good!!

🧑 🍳 Cooking in general

One of my favorite activities to do is cooking. I rarely eat out, maybe because I grew up in a African household where the question of eating out would be met with “What about the food you have in your fridge?” This year specifically where all of us were forced to stay inside, has pushed me to explore my love for cooking even more. Never with a set menu (unless my cravings were elevated), I would leave the task of creating a meal as I opened the fridge. Wonderfully guided along by weekly food boxes from my local community garden, I would just try and combine new and old flavors to create a wonderful lunch or dinner. Paired with a nice glass of natty wine (Gamay Gang). Enjoy the process!

📚 The Ripley Book Series

Crime drama has always been my favorite genre to watch or read about. Not sure what that says about me but it is my truth. The first book series that immediately engulfed me from the first page of the first book to the last page of the last book was the story of Tom Ripley. Written by the talented Patricia Highsmith. This 5 book series follows the story of Tom Ripley, a sleek con artist and serial killer who seems to always find trouble and run towards it, while in the end always escaping consequence. Side bar: We all remember the 1999 film starring Matt Damon “The Talented Mr Ripley” named after the first book, but also another must watch adaptation, and much better is the 1977 film by Wim Wenders “The American Friend” which follow the third book in the series “Ripley’s Game”.

💨 Cremate Incense

One of my favorite rituals is burning incense. Filling my space with aromas that take me places. Founded and created by Junior Adesanya, Cremate is a London based incense company. They specialize in all-natural hand dipped charcoal incense cones. Honestly it eff’d me up the first burn because I wasn't ready for how natural the scent would feel, like I FELT IT! I burnt my first cone from them from a collaboration Cremate had done with Affix and it took me places, while equally grounding me with Mother Earth.  

🎵 Alex Isley

Alex has instantly become one of my favorite artists. The singer, songwriter and producer with a very familiar last name (Yes her father is Ernie Isley, 1/2 of the legendary Isley Brother) has a unique sound of neo-r&b, funk and soul with a voice and word play that draws me in everytime. Paired with a glass of that Gamay is eluded to earlier, it's over.

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