#31: Jeremy Castillo (BarPartTime)

BarPartTime's Jeremy Castillo on Robert Maxwell's Ceramic Critters, Dad Wine, and an Italian Library Music Masterpiece

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Jeremy Castillo to come on Perfectly Imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

I’ve never been to Bar Part Time & I haven’t met Jeremy, however, I happen to own their branded hoodie, Nalgene, t-shirt, and wine glasses. Why you may ask? Well, that’s because BPT has some of the coolest merch around & they’re super nice people, that’s why!! The illustrations done by spacehose are so much fun and the blanks they use are high quality. And as if having an impeccable wine selection and fire merch wasn’t enough, they also run a great radio show called HI-NRG— Jeremy has killer taste & lucky for us, he’s here to talk about what he’s been into.

Without further ado

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Jeremy Castillo (@dadbody, @barparttime, @clublonely69)

🏺 Robert Maxwell

I first stumbled upon the ceramics of Robert Maxwell at Stuff in San Francisco (a multistory store always playing Hi-NRG music that carries vintage furniture and home decor). The booth I usually go to first that specializes in California mid-century items and the like, had these little stoneware animal sculptures with silly facial expressions. I bought it and immediately did a little detective work, trying to decipher the signature on the bottom. I finally found something similar to it, and dug a little more and found this series of stoneware he did in the 1960s called critters. The collection is made up of made-up creatures, but most of them resemble anteaters and have all have these comical and priceless expressions. I love looking at them, I have about 8 of them now and they make me smile every time I see them. If this stuff speaks to you, also check out Stoneware Designs West, it’s another stoneware company founded by his former employees who share a lot of the same ethos. 

🍷 L’Ostal

More of a recent discovery for me are the wines of Louis and Charlotte Perot of L’Ostal. They lived in Paris and were both working in literature and got the itch to leave the city. Louis ended up studying viticulture and winemaking and eventually started working with Simon Busser (another producer making real profound juice) in Cahors, the South-Western part of France. They bought a property in 2012 and mainly work with with Malbec (aka Côt here) and Merlot. The wines floored me the first time I had them. They’re not trying to be anything super cutting edge, but just a traditionally made wine done very well. Def more dad/uncle wine, red lights and velvet, but something natty wine drinkers can get behind. Don’t get me wrong, I like low ABV flirt juice, but don’t be afraid of 14% and up wines!

🌶️ Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Crisp

It goes on everything, I’m disgusting. My favorite meal for it though is day old white rice, butter, soy sauce, spicy chili crisp, topped with a fried egg that’s crispy on the sides. if I could have this as my last meal, I’d die happy.

🎵 Fabio Fabor - Aquarium (1980)

I’ve fallen deep in Discogs blackholes since quar first started and I came across this obscure underwater themed Italian library music masterpiece from Fabio Fabor. This came out when he was already 60 years old and this shows that music has no expiration. I’ve listened to it everyday this past month lol. It’s the best part of the 80s with a gentle and warm subterranean touch.

🎵 Cults Percussion Ensemble - Cults Percussion Ensemble (1979)

Another quar find… CPE is the craftwork of a Scottish 9-girl ensemble with an average age of 14 years old. With the guidance of their music teacher, I guess they distributed less than 100 copies of this in 1979 and almost all of it was given to the staff of the school, parents, and students. Mesmerizing and soothing, it sounds perfect for this holiday season, Christmas-not-Christmas music with some tension. Throw this on and hypnotize your lover, housemates, or pet?

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