#28: Sophia Callahan (Bagsbagsbags)

Bagsbagsbags's Sophia Callahan on Homemade Cappuccinos, A Prolific Zine Maker, The New Zsela EP, and more

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Sophia Callahan to come on Perfectly Imperfect & spread the hot rec wealth.

Sophia is a researcher & strategist that also happens to make these super cool bags made out of 550 lb. paracord— they’re the perfect vessel for lugging that bottle of wine to the park or that big ol’ Nalgene as you run some errands. When she’s not making bags, she making some Good Earth things such as zines & tees with her partner, Elijah. Sophia has killer taste & lucky for us, she’s here to talk about what she’s been into.

Without further ado

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Sophia Callahan (@sophiacallahan, @bagsbags._.bags, @goodearth.nyc)

Hello, I’m Sophia. Happy to be here! 

😚 Cappuccinos with a sprinkle of cinnamon 

I should start out saying that I don’t care a lot about coffee even though I drink loads of it, or I have in my life (I’ve been trying to drink less). Elijah recently got a Moka Pot Brikka - the one that ‘cremes’ at the top… not the easiest to find without Amazon. My mom gave me a Bodum milk frother last year for Christmas that I never used… until now. We drink the caps out of the Bookworks x Cafe Nyleta cups, because it's one of the few matching mugs we have. It’s turned out to be a very fancy way to start the day and I recommend it to anyone who wants additional kitchen-ware.

🤓 V.Vale’s “Goals of Life” 

Last year, when I was at a residency at 2727 California Street, this piece of paper was hanging on the communal fridge. I was shook by it - so much to live by, all on one page! When I bought my first zines from Vale (How to Stay Together Forever & How to Read)  - who is a prolific independent publisher, writer, interviewer and og zine maker - he gave me one of these and I hung on my fridge in my studio apartment for a year. I recently moved and bought another book from him and it came with this printed page - so, it’s back on the fridge. It's a great reminder on how to be a real person/ seriously have fun/ only do what you want. Everyone should grab a book from V.Vale’s site to get one of these gifts. 

🤠  Birthday Girl everything 

Keely is a very talented artist and fashion icon. She recently started Birthday Girl Shop - making ‘sexy clothes for daily use’. I just got a set of her ‘Dalmation Mushroom Button Down’, deadstock kilt/ Sesame Street skirt and a ‘Big Kiss’ bow/ tie. She hand-paints and sews everything out of her apartment in Los Angeles and I’m so happy we can finally match. 

😷  Purple Chiara masks 

The best facemasks ever, I have two. Chiara makes these patchwork quilted masks from deadstock fabric - beautiful, and adjustable for the perfect fit. They remind me of her every time I wear them, which I think is my favorite part. Highly recommend! 

🌝  Women who run with the wolves 

I got a natal chart reading from one of my favorite astrologers, Naimonu James, on my birthday a couple years ago and she recommended this book - and it’s stayed at my bedside since. Written by Jungian psychoanalyst and poet, Dr. Clarissa Pinkold Estes, it’s a beautiful research piece on the myths and stories that have been passed down through folkloric traditions. The essence of the book is how women regain their wild intuition in the context of a patriarchal culture that strips it. It’s excellent and I recommend it to everyone, especially femme-identifying people. 

😌  Zsela

Damn, this EP, “Ache of Victory” is so beautiful. Exactly what I needed - soothing, sad, and sweet. I wish it was 4x longer. 


Super delicious raw vegan chocolate, my fave chili oil in Bed Stuy, to forever and only drinking wine out of Bar Part time glasses, Kat Chan’s gorgeous Immortal Mushroom book, and Monte Rosa’s amazing hand-painted gingham workwear sets

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