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Spooky Movies, Grass Cuttin' Tunes, & an Unf*ckupable Cherry Tomato Sauce

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Tyler Bainbridge (instagram, twitter, letterboxd)

📽️: The Thing (1982)

Very cool that John Carpenter decided to travel back 1982 and make a movie based on Among Us! One of my favorite horror flicks & for good reason, it’s an electrifying movie that’ll keep you guessing all 109 minutes (and beyond…) and has some of the most insane practical effects I’ve ever seen— a painful remind of how boring & hyper polished CGI looks. The Thing has aged wonderfully & is an all time classic, if you’ve been putting it off— please watch it for ya boy.

📽️: Possession (1981)

If you’ve ever wished Marriage Story (2019) was a weird ass arthouse horror film, this ones for you. Possession is a beautifully shot & performed masterpiece that features a v spooky creature(?) designed by the same dude who created E.T. Definitely a worthy addition to your October horror rotation for when you’re craving something a bit more ~elevated~ that’ll leave you scratchin’ your head

📺: How To with John Wilson (2020 - Present)

Life is full of absurd, hilarious, and profound moments hiding right in plain sight— lucky for us, John Wilson shares his keen eye for these lil slices of life & weaves together beautiful short films. His new How To series (prod by Nathan Fielder) uses the humor & empathy of real life to guide us through human experiences such as Small Talk or Living with Regret. If you love the street photography of Daniel Arnold (consider this an informal rec) or the NYC-as-a-character films of Martin Scorcese and/or the Safdie Brothers— give this a shot.

🎵: Adrianne Lenker - songs & instrumentals (2020)

You'd be hard pressed to find a contemporary songwriter more prolific than Adrianne Lenker. In the last few years she has not only released three incredible solo albums, but three of the best folk records of the 2010s with her band, Big Thief. Struck with loss & grief, Lenkers hunkered down in a small Western MA cabin to record— the result is some of her most personal & raw work to date.

🎵: Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska (1982)

Bruce is unfortunately a tough sell for many, but I get it, most of us got our first taste of his music listening to Born in the USA (a very misunderstood song) at 4th of July BBQs. Diverging from the anthemic style that led to his early success, the striped back & melancholic Nebraska is a brave change of pace that threatened to completely alienate his fan base. If you're a Bruce skeptic, give this one a listen, I promise you'll come out with different view of him & his work. I mean c'mon, just listen to his cover of Suicide's Dream Baby Dreamemo king shit.

🧢: Boot Boyz Biz - HEAT Hat

I'll have to formally rec Michael Mann's Heat (1995) another day, but for now you'll have settle for this bootleg hat from the Boot Boyz. What better way to show off your taste than a cap with a movie title on it! Except maybe starting a recommendation newsletter...

🔖: Good Reads

Kendrick Lamar in conversation with Baby Keem (i-D)

Louis Theroux’s & Nathan Fielder on the Art of Awkward (Interview Magazine)

John Wilson Reveals the Absurd Poetry of New York (NYT)

At 28, Sofia Coppola Made The Virgin Suicides & Got Married (Bustle)

Parasite: Notes from the Underground (Criterion)

❗: But wait! There’s more!

Stussy Work Pants, sweatervests, bloody knees by daine, Visions of Bodies Being Burned by clipping, Album by Girls (RIP), and Rina Sawayama live on Fallon

Alex Cushing (instagram, twitter, last.fm, goodreads)

🎵: Sturgill Simpson - Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 1: The Butcher Shoppe Sessions

I'm relatively new to the Sturgill Simpson music world, I've listened to 'Metamodern Sounds in Country Music' and a few loose songs here and there, but don't know much beyond the more known stuff. Last weekend I took the good ol' John Deere for an end of season mow around the yard and figured it was the perfect time to check out an album named after cuttin' grass. Long story short - it's a very bluegrass-y twangy album with lots of updated renditions of his previous hits to fit this feel. It pairs impeccably with mowing your lawn, so if you like good old fashioned bluegrass or you have no idea what that really sounds like, check it out.

📺: Ghost Town Living

A few days ago I found myself falling down the YouTube rabbit hole, and came up with the first "hidden gem" channel i've happened upon in a long time (ok, 400k subs isn't really a hidden gem but it's outside of my typical youtube wheelhouse). Basically it's a documentation of the restoration of a ghost town a couple co-investors sunk their life's savings into. Cerro Gordo was a silver mining town 3 hours between LA and Vegas that has been completely deserted, left without running water, and is littered with history. Watch Brent as he learns how to do pretty much everything from construction and restoration, to hiking mining and exploring lands that have gone years untouched. Wanna support some of his work? Cop something like this bandana for the cause!

📕: The Hunting Party

So my wife took the hint that I've been on a classic mysteries kick recently, with all my Agatha Christie recs, and decided to get me this book which is sort of a modern day "classic mystery". I actually read another book by this author a few months ago, The Guest List, and felt it was solid but a little uninspired and typical. This one, however, felt much more naturally executed. I was questioning every character’s possible motives the whole time, and was left guessing even who the victim was for over half the book. It's a super easy read and a lot of fun.

📕: The Shootist

JB Books is the outlaw of all outlaws, the last standing, biggest, baddest, most notorious. Nothing can take him down, nobody has a quicker draw, and nobody comes close to standing toe to toe with him. The only problem? He has terminal prostate cancer. If you like westerns, but want something a little more unique, I definitely recommend this one. It fits in with all the classic John Wayne-esque books, but with a refreshing twist to it.

🔊: Shoutouts

Brain Dead’s "The Exorcist"

Wythe Neon Signs Chain-Stitched Ranch Hat

Check out all our newsletter’s book recs so far in one place

Serey Morm (instagramtwittervsco)

🥬👕: Sky High Farms

A non-profit growing fruits and vegetables exclusively for underserved communities in New York that also makes fire merch to raise money. I recently got a t-shirt from their recent collabs with various clothing brands, but the coolest part about Sky High Farms is their custom merch. Each of their custom merch pieces are upcycled from vintage, thrifted clothing. Check out their custom hats, you never know what you’re gonna get, but just know you’re helping provide fresh veggies to folks who need them. If you’re not interested in merch, and just want to support them, donate here!

🎸: Ukulele Beginner Pack & Ukulele Tabs

Okay, first off, there’s absolutely nothing musical about me. I’ve always been hesitant to pick up an instrument and learn how to play because I thought I needed to learn how to read music, but that’s not the case. My roommate Gabe convinced me to get a Ukulele because all I needed to do was learn to play the chords. I’ve been using Ukulele Tabs for chords, and I gotta say, it was a slightly rough start, but once you get it, it’s kind of addicting to want to learn how to play more songs. If you’ve been meaning to try to learn how to play an instrument, I highly recommend getting one, beginner ukuleles are only around $30-$50. It’s been a week so far, and ya boy has been strumming Riptide like I’m Vance Joy (jk, but it’s not bad).

💆‍♂️: Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

Okay, so if you haven’t heard of double-cleansing and you want to take better care of your skin, I highly recommend reading up on it. It’s essential the idea of first cleansing your skin with an oil cleanser to pick up any oil-based dirt off your face, then following up with a water-based oil to remove whatever is left. Ever since I started this ritual, ya boy has been glowin’. I’ve tried a few oil-based cleansers, but this one is my go-to because it gets the job done without making my face feel weird, and leaves it well hydrated. And I think the reviews speak for itself since it can be used on any skin type.

🍝: Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce

The easiest and most forgiving pasta sauce recipe from the legend Kenji Lopez-Alt. You can’t f**k this one up. It’s really straightforward. Compared to traditional canned tomatoes, this one hits different, and probably takes half the time. I’ve had a surplus of cherry tomatoes from my mom’s garden, so I’ve had so much extra sauce, I’ve even turned it into a quick Tikka Masala.

🗞: Extra! Extra!

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