#124: The Hellp

Noah Dillon and Chandler Ransom Lucy on Deuterium Depleted Water, The Bible, Raw Deal (1986), Youtube Near Death Compilations, and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked Noah Dillon and Chandler Ransom Lucy of The Hellp to come on Perfectly Imperfect & redistribute their good taste.

The Hellp is a band made up of singer Noah Dillon, a photographer who previously ran Hot Mess with Luka Sabbat, and producer & composer Chandler Ransom Lucy. They went quiet for a while after releasing a series of singles (Ssx, Tu Tu Neurotic, Vertigo, Beacon 002, and more), but reemerged with a collection of those singles back in April and a brand new EP titled Enemy last month. Their combination of wild & distinct vocals with tense & high energy 80s industrial Suicide-like drum machines and bass form a sound wholly their own in a landscape of ever increasingly homogenous music. Noah and Chandler have great taste and lucky for us, they’re here to tell us what they’ve been into.

Without further ado

Noah Dillon (instagram)

🚿 Deuterium Depleted Water

The pendulum has settled over a new generation of health enthusiasts and non-phd biohackers. Deuterium is a naturally occurring heavy hydrogen isotope. DDW water is the elimination of this isotope variation to create “light” water. Our bodies must filer out the Deuterium isotope which causes free radical release and long term organ failure. I want to be young forever. I want to live always for fear of an eternity in purgatory. This water helps me. 

🖥 Tumblr

The only platform that should exist on social media. 

🍨 Van Leeuwen x Kraft Mac N Cheese Flavor

You need to try. If nothing else I am THE ice cream connoisseur. I can say with full confidence this is the best American based ice cream flavor of the past 10 years. Innovation at its finest. Sweet initial reveal on palate, chased by savory aftertaste. The hallmark of what shouldn’t be but is. The Tom Cruise dating Cher of dessert.

🦋 Neon Genesis Evangelion Season 1

The moment where your future self is understood by your childhood. 

⛪️ The Bible

The only way to concurrently understand Xi Jinping as an American Golden era traditionalist and make sense of Charli D’amelio’s apathetic rise to fame. 

Chandler Ransom Lucy (instagram)

🎂 Raw Deal (1986)

1986 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nobody saw this film. I and 3 of my friends and 2 of my ex girlfriends have seen it. It’s a shakespeare level masterpiece. Action set pieces, 10/10, Arnolds WITTY AS SHIT one liners have never been more out of place, and the cinematography can only be compared to the love child of Tarkosvky and Roger Deakins high on crystal meth. It’s the sickest.

 ⚓️ Moby Dick

 A man on twitter once said “Moby Dick is the biggest indicator of intelligence. Most people can’t even get through the first chapter” or something like that. I turned into an avid cetologist (new word. Cetology is the study of whales?) reading this book. Not a bad sentence in the entire novel. the greatest story ever told. It’s so fucking sick. It is my bible. 2 separate times in my life I have read this book to a girl and gotten laid because of it. The last time was an actual 3 way. Shout out Herman Melville and my friend Curtis Eggleston for forcing me to read this.

🌄 Angels and Airwaves - I-empire

In most peoples eyes, blink 182 is this fun little band that wrote all the small things and their drummer is now wheeling a Kardashian (or she’s wheeling him and devouring his soul, who knows) But people forget that after the breakup in 2004. Tom Delonge, frontman of blink 182 started his own ‘supergroup’ Angels and Airwaves. 2009 the sophomore album ‘I-empire’ released. I regard it as the best production of all time. The synths, the vocal chain, the sampling, the ascending guitar riffs  soaked in ¼  delay. It’s larger than U2. It truly is some of the most inventive rock music I’ve ever heard. Soaring confidence.  It’s a strange thing to attempt to convey that this to anybody, but I promise it’s some of the best shit ever.

⚱️ Youtube Near Death Compilations 

Though voyeurism is the absolute worst thing in our culture (i.e sports, mma fighting, porn, etc) That being said, I am a complete fucking sucker for youtube near death compilations. Monthly installments on either Fail Department or Fail Force One are really all i look forward to in regards to a ‘tv show’ or something that would fill that criteria of viewership in myself.

🚜 Ribeye Steaks

I eat steak every single night. Rare. And it is eaten in an almond flour tortilla with a pinch of cheese. I am in the process of simplifying my diet to become fully carnivorous. Grass fed and GRASS FINISHED (most important tip, grass fed means NOTHING, grass finished is what you need on your label)

Bonus recs from Noah AND Chandler

🌲 Soup Plantation

The greatest restaurant of all time. One of the first to fall during covid in 2020. Every single day, we talk about the times we spent there. We won’t speak any further on it.

🤾🏾‍♀️ AquaMan (2018)

Best superhero film. We are very excited for the sequel. 

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