122: Jake Booth (WHR)

Western Hydrodynamic Research's Jake Booth on Max B With The Windows Down on PCH, Croakies, Paper Thin Vintage T-Shirts, and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Jake Booth to come on Perfectly Imperfect & redistribute his good taste.

Jake Booth is a student at NYU Gallatin where he focuses on things such as fashion and culture, but he also runs one of my favorite brands, Western Hydrodynamic Research, along with Pat Towersey. Today they launched at Dover Street Market NY, LA, LDN, and Ginza, and you can check out their latest collection here. In addition to Booth’s studies & work with WHR he does a bit of modeling and consulting, and says he’d really love to do more of both! Jake has great taste and lucky for us, he’s here to tell us what he’s been into.

Without further ado

Jake Booth (personal ig, whr ig)


Silver Surfer on PCH just makes sense. Driving through my hometown of Laguna Beach bumping Money Makes Me Feel Better is a really incredible feeling. I drove through Soho listening to Bad Whiskey once and it didn’t quite hit the same. 

👕 Vintage 50/50 T-Shirts

Over time, the cotton of these t-shirts erode while the synthetic material remains intact resulting in the perfectly thin, semi sheer summer garment. Use keyword “paper thin” when searching for these things on eBay, Etsy, etc.  

😎 Croakies

There’s nothing worse than when your shades hit the asphalt and your lens get all fucked up. I like to see clearly and I like simple forms of security. I <3 my Croakies.

🥤 Ginger Smoothies

I begin every morning with mango, acai, banana, spinach, and ginger blended up into silky frozen goodness. Just drop the whole root in. Then I balance the smoothie with bacon, hash browns, eggs, and ketchup. 

🥪 Sandwiches and spliffs in the park on an October afternoon

October is inarguably the greatest month in NYC. It’s my birthday month, it’s when the leaves begin to turn, and the air feels good on your skin. I like to celebrate all of these things with a sandwich in one hand and a spliff in other, sittin on a park bench. In Tompkins I rock a Foxface smoked rib sandwich and in Washington Square I rock the clean turkey from Court St.

📖 Resistance Through Rituals:Youth Subcultures in Post-War Britain

I read Resistance Through Rituals  in this incredible class while studying in London. The book features a collection of essays with titles like: “Style,” “Doing Nothing,” and “The Cultural Meaning of Drug Use.” Really resonant stuff. This book is my Bible and one of my favorite gifts to give. Tom Sachs is in possession of my first copy and I’m pretty sure he fucks with it too.

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