#114: Daniel Emilio (Alimentari Flâneur)

Alimentari Flâneur's Daniel Emilio drops in to tell us about La Grande Bellezza, @paris.starn, Chloe Wise’s new book, and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Daniel Emilio to come on Perfectly Imperfect & redistribute his good taste.

Daniel Emilio is the mind behind Alimentari Flâneur, a sexy & exciting gourmet market located in the Lower East Side of New York City. Descend to the lower level of Essex Market into Alimentari Flâneur and it’s immediately apparent how passionate Daniel is about fresh produce and beautiful immersive presentation. So leave the grocery list at home and let the alluring displays draw you in, doing so will have you leaving with of out-of-the-ordinary food sourced locally and imported from places near and dear to him. And you may even end up with some tasteful merch from podcasts Daniel enjoys such as Red Scare and How Long Gone. Daniel has great taste and lucky for us, he’s here to tell us what he’s been into.

Without further ado

Daniel Emilio (@flaneur.le, @alimentariflaneur)

📽️ Watch La Grande Bellezza by Paolo Sorrentino

It’s a film about flanerie and death. After watching it, you’ll understand why life is much more vibrant with a touch of sprezzatura. Jep, the penultimate flaneur, constantly refers to Flaubert and the concept of nothingness, which reads like an poignant analysis of our times.  In the press notes, Sorrentino discusses his collaboration with screenwriter Umberto Contarello and how he views Rome as a superior kind of tourist attraction, even though he has made it his home. Rome, like New York, is a city ‘eternal’ in its attractions and mysteries, seductive,  yet empty.  My favorite piece of dialogue comes from a scene on a rooftop after a night of partying, waxing poetic about the merits of socialism, morality, and pasta al dente.

“You know, all this boastful talk, all this serious ostentatiousness, ego, ego, ego … These harsh damning judgements of yours hide a certain fragility, a feeling of inadequacy, and above all, a series of untruths …Instead of acting superior and treating us with contempt, you should look at us with affection. We’re all on the brink of despair, all we can do is look each other in the face, keep each other company, joke a little … Don’t you agree?”

🚶‍♂️🧠 Flanerie

Wandering is good for the soul and the mind. I find that my inner dialogue is most lucid whilst on an early morning or late night walk. Walking has also been an excellent way for me to learn how to value being alone. Embracing the idea of quality alone time as an essential part of my life has added layers of depth and intimacy to my relationships. It also has created many opportunities for spontaneity and beauty to exist in my life in ways that continue to surprise me. 

🍴 Let Nir Sarig of Eti feed you

Trust me. I appreciate that man dearly. He embodies the virtues of quality, simplicity, intimacy.. He emits warmth and kindness. I’ve learned a lot from him. One of my favorite memories from this year was the first time I went over his house for dinner and ate a simple dish of Burrata di Paolo’s & tomatoes in a spicy Yemeni sauce. His food takes you home — wherever that is for you.

👨‍🍳 @paris.starn 

Paris is a baker & chef and her instagram will inspire you to be more creative and precise in all that you do. This woman works so hard and is so exacting. She is fluent in the language of beauty and is so gracious to invite us all behind the scenes to watch her process. Cooking can be an intimidating thing for people which makes sense because it is. I’m not a very good cook, but Paris makes me feel like I could be.

🎵 Music

I don’t feel equipped to offer advice on music. My music taste is pretty basic and limited. I do feel insecure about that at times. If you love Alimentari and want to listen to something that transports you to that world, I would say you should listen to three songs. Recto Verso by Paradis. Sonata Quasi una fantasia No.14 in C-sharp minor, Op.27 No.2. by Beethoven & Mala Femmina by Jerry Vale. Also, Pavarotti. Always, Pavarotti.

📚 Read

Read this Rick Owens interview for Vestoj from 2016. It’s vulnerable and raw and full of wisdom. Including this nugget: “You know, the interior designer Jean-Michel Frank had forty identical grey flannel suits in his closet: I always thought that was the height of modesty and extravagance at the same time. I love that.” Also, I thoroughly enjoyed Chloe Wise’s new book published by Almine Rech showcasing her works that use food and the female figure as an exploration of desire, consumerism, and…. sex, lies, and videotape. 

A few words from Daniel~

The world of Alimentari is evolving and I’m really proud of the stories we’re going to tell. If I were to distill it I would say; observe the spectacle, indulge in the tiramisu. Two spoons, one plate, always to share. Finish with an affogato.

I think Ana Andjelic of the Sociology of Business is required reading for anyone considering starting a business. I listen to Red Scare because Anna & Dasha are masterful storytellers, underratedly funny, & really fucking smart without being annoying about it. Listening to them makes me feel a little less insane. I appreciate their rationality. Though I don’t love the cattiness, to be honest. Shoutout Jason & Chris from How Long Gone — a lot of admiration and respect for them both. Waiting for the call, gents. Also, we need to get Chris to drop the dean & deluca stanning. Is that shots fired? I don’t know.

There are so many people I want to shoutout; shoutout to my Mother. Love you, Ma. Farmer Brooke will write a short collection of essays and poems about love and sex and vine ripened tomatoes. It will be an international bestseller. She is a reclusive star. I think Noah and Melanie of Ruby & Ghia are two of the most brilliant & kind entrepreneurs that I know. I admire them both. Also major shout out to the women behind the counter at Essex Farm, I find their consistency deeply inspiring. Susan Alexandra & Cassi Namoda are radiant beings worthy of love. Lastly, I think everyone should have dinner at Jonah & Sarah Reider’s apartment at least once in their lives. It’s the epitome of approachable elegance. Joe, Quinton, Claire, Roman, Daryl, Jeremiah, Fabian, Lucie, Laura, Pearl, Misha, Chloe, Allegra, Alex, Rye, Morgan, Theo, Rosie, Alexis, Beverly, Tori, Tavo, Rohan, Claire & Gutes, Sam & Ella, EDL & Kira, Emmy & Ivy, Arjan, Sasha & Chelsea. The list goes on. All beautiful souls. Love & appreciate you all.

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