#109: Alyssa Vingan (Nylon)

Nylon EIC Alyssa Vingan drops in to tell us about Los Angeles Apparel's tennis skirt, Jimmy Eat World’s 1999-2004 albums, The Feel Studio Genuine jeans, and more.

Cool people like cool things, which is why we asked cool person Alyssa Vingan to come on Perfectly Imperfect & redistribute her good taste.

Alyssa Vingan is the East Village based Editor In Chief of NYLON, an iconic magazine covering fashion, beauty, music, entertainment, and culture. For the last two years she’s been proudly pushing her pop-punk agenda at the mag, whether it’s Doc Martens, Machine Gun Kelly, Tennis Skirts, or Olivia Rodrigo, and most recently with her very first NYLON cover story with Travis Barker. She’s also one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter and has a very cute pup named Leche. Alyssa has great taste and lucky for us, she’s here to tell us what' she’s been into.

Without further ado

Alyssa Vingan (twitter, instagram)

🎾 Los Angeles Apparel tennis skirt

If you run into me IRL this fall, there’s a high probability that I will be wearing this skirt — as you can see, I am wearing it in my photo for this very newsletter. It’s surprisingly versatile! When you’re feeling punk, throw it on with some Doc Martens and a vintage band tee; if you’re all in on the prep aesthetic, opt for some ankle socks, loafers, and a V-neck cashmere sweater. Buy one in solid and one in plaid for even more ‘fit possibilities!

🏄‍♀️🔥 Mr. Zog’s coconut Sexwax candle

I spent a good chunk of the summer in Virginia Beach, VA where I grew up, and few scents slap me in the face with nostalgia like that of this coconutty surf wax, which is sold all over town. I recently discovered that it comes in candle form, and look forward to lighting one the next time I feel homesick or am overdue for a beach vacation. 

🎶🦋 Jimmy Eat World’s 1999-2004 album run

If you follow me on any social media platform, you’re likely aware of my emo tendencies, which I assure you are not just an elaborate bit. The albums that have remained in the heaviest rotation thus far in my life come from Jimmy Eat World — specifically the three that dropped in succession during my middle and high school years: Clarity (1999), Bleed American (2001), and Futures (2004). Whether you want pop-punk bangers (“Sweetness”), tearjerkers that could soundtrack a pivotal scene in a teen drama (“23,” “Hear You Me”), or the perfect song to put on a playlist for your crush (“For Me This Is Heaven”), there’s something here for everyone! For an optimal listening experience, queue these up during a windows-down night drive.

🤘🏻🖤 “Meet the Barkers” on YouTube

I watched an obscene amount of early-to-mid 2000s reality TV during quarantine, including this delightful MTV series starring Travis Barker and his then-wife, model/actress Shanna Moakler. Viewers can tell the couple is keeping it totally real in front of the cameras: Travis was at the height of his Blink-182 fame while becoming a father for the first time, and watching the Barkers balance their hard-partying rock star lives with starting a family is endearing.

😇💦 Dieux Deliverance serum

This calming cannabinoid serum has become a hero item in my skincare routine. It’s helped me tone down redness which is one of my primary skin concerns — I’m sure I’m not alone here, since this stuff sells out quickly. 

👖🍑 The Feel Studio Genuine jeans

Yes, these are expensive, but if you think in terms of price per wear, they’re worth every penny. I have them in all three colors and in a couple of different sizes for days when I want a baggier fit. They’re straight-leg, have no stretch, and legitimately look like they could’ve been found at a vintage store, which are my top three qualifications when it comes to buying denim.

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