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Trench Coats, Sun Buddies, and Upcycled Jackets

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Without further ado—

Tyler Bainbridge (instagram, twitter, letterboxd)

🧥: Pleated Trench Coat (Ijji)

This is the trench coat I’ve been looking for. Not only is it the perfect color & fit, but it’s super well made with lots of attention to detail. You’re also supporting a great small brand built around making stylish, beautiful, & genderless clothing— check em out.

📻: NTS Radio

A radio station? in 2020?! ~Hell f**kin yeah~! NTS is a fantastic online radio station based in London playing underground music all day everyday. Their mixes are top notch & they bring in some great guest DJs such as Denzel Curry, Clairo, Michael Imperioli, Black Midi, and Snail Mail, to name a few. I've been a supporter for a while and I recommend you do the same, it allows them stay independent & ad free. A small bonus of being a supporter is getting 20% off their merch— I own this hat & hoodie from their collaboration with Brain Dead.

🎵: Neil Young - On the Beach (1974)

This record sits smack dab in the middle of one of the bleakest album runs of all time (Time Fades Away, On The Beach, and Tonight's The Night) and is fueled by "honey slides", a mixture of honey and weed that according to his biography is heavier than heroin. It's a glimpse at an artist struggling with the emptiness of fame & "heading for the ditch"— it's a dark, woozy, & sparse masterpiece.

🎵: Dorian Electra & Rebecca Black - Edgelord (2020)

Edgelord is a delightfully weird lil track & I love it. Dorian is great as usual— I just wish Rebecca’s verse was a bit longer, but if this means we’re getting a Rebecca Black hyperpop comeback I’m definitely here for it.

📽️: Kelly Reichardt - Wendy and Lucy (2008)

A movie about someone losing their dog while on the way to Alaska is definitely a tough sell, but if you’re interested in a quiet & touching story about loneliness & poverty ft. an amazing Michelle Williams performance— this movie is for you.

❗: But wait! There's More

ALD x NEW BALANCE P550, Kid A Turns 20 (The Quietus), ‘The Godfather’ Making Of Movie, and pre order Michelle Zauner’s “Crying in H-Mart”

That’s it for me! ✌️

Alex Cushing (instagram, twitter, last.fm, goodreads)

🕶️: Sun Buddies Greta

Looking for the perfect pair of classic sunglasses with more attitude to 'em than a pair of Wayfarers? I have good news for ya, you can finally stop your search. These Sun Buddies are slightly thicker framed than your average pair of sunglasses, and have nice sleek curves to them. Cop them and you'll have officially secured your sunnies game with the ultimate timeless classic.

📕: Lovecraft Country

This book’s now an HBO show (brought to you by Jordan Peele), and though I haven't seen it, I can see why it was picked up. It's a series of interconnected stories about oppressive White America in the 1950s, with several supernatural elements baked into the plot masterfully. These different stories have something for everyone, there's a road trip, plenty of wild adventures, and a haunted house. It’s a historical/science/pulp fiction book that dabbles in elements of horror and is crafted in a perfectly realistic way.

📕: I'm Thinking of Ending Things (The Book)

I read this one a few weeks ago, but wanted to wait until I saw the movie before diving into my thoughts. Both start extremely similar, down to some exact word-for-word scenes, and the plot points are all the same, but the movie takes some creative license to show what’s going on for the main characters mentally that the book doesn't. This works in favor for both the book and movie. In the book's case you're left guessing, confused, and trying to pick apart every tiny detail til the very end. The author is continuously sneaking small details/hints past you without raising alarm, and at the end I found myself looking back to see a whole different story. This isn't to say I didn't see the twist coming, but it was done in a way that left plenty of good stuff to pick apart after you‘ve finished.

🎵: Marty Robbins - The Drifter

This is a classic country western album. It's filled to the brim with good ol' "trail songs" and "gunfighter ballads". (Speaking of which, check out Robbin's better known album Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs, you'll probably find you recognize a song or two). There's lots of songs on here for people who want to feel like nomads roaming the desert's of New Vegas, and others for those who wanna experience truly definitive movin’ & groovin’ tunes.

🎵: Colter Wall - Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs

Colter Wall is a young star in today's Western Music world, with critically acclaimed albums like his 2017 self titled, and work on several TV shows & movies. This one is a mixture of originals and covers. The most notable cover, Big Iron (originally by Marty Robbins — see above), is done in a way to give it new life without feeling like a cop out. You'll be tappin' your toes to the steady drumbeat in no time. If you're looking for country artists to follow who aren't making today's biggest pop-country hits, check him out, and this is a great album to start with.

🔊: Shoutouts

Fargo season 4

Yung Lean’s other musical persona - Jonatan Leandoer96’s album - Nectar

Serey Morm (instagramtwittervsco)

🥼: Greater Goods

This brand is super dope, in a nutshell, they de-construct old GORE-TEX pieces from Arcteryx, North Face, etc. and upcycle them back into super dope gear. Arcteryx usually has these really interesting and bright shell colors, and I love that Greater Goods takes all these different colors and frankenstein them together to produce these really nice patchwork jackets. I think my favorite piece from them is when they turned these old shells into a kimono, and it’s a really interesting look. Since their brand revolves around reusability, they use leftover pieces from the jackets to make side-bags and water-bottle bags.

📽: Happy Old Year (2019)

So the premise is that this girl’s trying to remodel her suuuper messy home, filled with her mother’s belongings, into her own minimalist office. I mean like, one of those things where you ask, where the f**k are your belongings type of minimalistic. I think that the cinematography and color grading of the movie compliments the character’s taste in design. This is one of those films where nothing really happens, but you kind of find yourself relating to certain situations, so the movie is there up to your interpretation.

🍰: Basque Burnt Cheesecake

If you’re looking to treat yourself with some baked goods, this one is it. Treat yourself as in, you need two whole pounds of cream cheese and a whole cup of sugar. If diabetes is not on your list of worries, you gotta try this. It’s super easy, no crust needed, and you purposely burn it to form a nice caramelized outer shell.

🗞: Extra Extra!

Giveon — Untitled (How Does It Feel)

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