#1: Perfectly Imperfect's Tyler, Alex, and Serey

Japanese Hip Hop, Cowboy hats, The Great Outdoors, and more

hello & welcome to the inaugural perfectly imperfect post-

we’re still figuring out what this newsletter will look like, so stick with us as it may take a few posts to truly ~find ourselves~

without further ado— this week features hot recs from tyler bainbridgealex cushing, and serey morm

tyler bainbridge (instagram, twitter, letterboxd, last.fm)

it’s hard to kick off this post without acknowledging last week’s events. i encourage everyone to fight against racism & police brutality in any way you can — please consider opening ur purse & donating to this collection of orgs, voting, and supporting black-owned businesses.


ok, now pour yourself a glass of milk because there are some spicy recs incoming

i decided to dive into some Afrobeat this week & since Fela Kuti is a pioneer here, i went with Zombie (1977). this album has an incredible groove & lots of nervous energy, you’ll find it hard to not move your body & dance along. it’s also worth noting that Fela Kuti was a huge inspiration for Remain in Light by the Talking Heads.

a 2020 favorite of mine (so far) is a japanese hip hop album, maze by chelmico. i mean come on, listen to this song - it has a super sticky hook with the instrumental & energy of a beastie boys joint. if that isn’t your speed, check out this track - which is seriously one of the best dance pop songs i’ve heard this year.

20th Century Women (2019) is a movie that is jam-packed with love and the result is a genuinely moving experience- it also has an incredible soundtrack (ft a lot of talking heads).

it was my girlfriend & i’s 6th (!) anniversary this week, so we decided to watch (what i thought was) a generic rom-com to celebrate the occasion. When Harry Met Sally… (1989) was anything but generic, it had some very refreshing twists on the genre, well written & engaging dialogue, classic jokes, and some iconic looks.

for y’all who love the safdie bros and/or don’t have enough anxiety already- check out After Hours (1985) directed by Martin Scorcese. super underrated & one of my favorite movies in the “night goes horribly wrong” genre- perfectly captures the feeling of absurdity & frustration that comes with being lost in a city.

one more thing: the new Charlie Kaufman film, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, dropped on Netflix today — so expect some thoughts next week!

in an act of #selfcare i copped a great t-shirt & nalgene bottle from bar part time & lemme tell u- the bottle is not only nice to look at, it’s keeping ya boy extremely hydrated…almost too hydrated…so it’s crucial that i balance it out via booze.

recently i’ve been into an ice-cold (!) bud heavy- it’s weirdly refreshing, it’s classic, and -slight maga vibes aside- makes me feel like i’m sitting in a shitty dive bar somewhere (something i’ve been longing for since quarantine began). on the trendier side of things, i really enjoyed this Vines Sum 2019 Pet Nat which to me feels like the perfect summer wine: light, chuggable, gulpable, bubbly, funky, and fruity (…can you tell i dont know proper wine descriptors).

that’s it for me! ✌️

p.s. here’s a playlist of what i listened to this week

alex cushing (instagram, twitter, last.fm, goodreads)

whats up everyone, thanks for tuning in :)

ill be kicking things off with a drink rec, nice & quick — my bud tyler recommended this pet nat to me & im happy to say i can pass along that rec. its super bright, juicy, and a tiny bit dry. big for these hot summer days. if you close your eyes it feels like youre not stuck in your house for quar anymore - pair a glass of this with a big ol smile 😃this was my first dive into natural wine and im excited to check out more. expect some _hot recs_ in the coming newsletters as i expand my arsenal

one thing i do consider myself more well versed in (recently @ least) is books. ive been big on filling the gaps in my day with reading rather than scrolling my insta/twitter feeds, and have a pretty fast growing list of reads (& many abandoned books too. ill save this for another day but im big on being ok with abandoning books if ur not feeling them, dont force it!!)

heres one —

im sure most of you will probably know it and honestly may have read it. its a classic — And Then There Were None

this book is great. it was written all the way back in 1939 which is nuts cuz it just feels like it was written waaaay more recently. i dont wanna talk about the plot or anything ill just leave you with a quick excerpt from the opening poem —

Ten Little Soldier Boys went out to Dine, one choked his little self and then there were nine…

its a creepy & fun read and keeps you guessing til the end

after finishing that, i decided to keep the angle going of reading classics, so i dove into Foundation 1 by isaac asimov which was a sprawling book covering generations of people as they deal with rebuilding a society that doesn’t yet realize its fallen/falling. good book if you can stomach a sciencey technical read. id also like to shout out the fun “wild west” book The Sisters Brothers. go check these out!

sooo moving away from books now i wanna wrap things up with some recent cops & interests in the fashion world. recently ive been really getting into the aesthetic of the “wild west”, from outlaw country music to gimmicky clothes no cowboy would ever wear. i had to continue that trend with a “santa fe” camp collar grailed purchase (buy used clothes!!!). now i need some serious flared trouseys to complete this look (also, check out the bonus content ive linked some more 🤠 stuff). in the non “wild west” world, i also copped some new balance 993s and cantaloupe crocs to lounge the house in. this is a no judgement zone, wear your crocs (& sweats & stained tees).


shout outs →

(what i plan to read next) Get In Trouble, The Need, The Lottery, Harvest Home

(pods ive been super into recently) TF, Yeah, but still, How Long Gone

(some reads/articles)The Office: An In-Depth Analysis of Workplace User Behavior6ix9ine, Rap’s Newly Freed, Chart-Topping Villain, Admits to Everything (made its rounds but worth the read)

(🤠) Orville, Dougie Poole, if you're loaded, grailed on this filter, boots

serey morm (instagram, twitter, vsco)

hellooOo everyone! welcome to the first edition of perfectly imperfect! my friends and I are always constantly keeping in touch through sharing things we love. and throughout this pandemic, it’s more relevant than ever. and hopefully we’ll make this 2020 a bit more joyful through some of our hot recs.

without further adieu, here’s my first rec, and it isn’t something tangible, it’s an article.

this LA Times article covers why time seems to be flying by during this pandemic. key takeaway for me was that, significant memories can give a longer perception of time. when there are less things to look forward to, our perception of time is skewered, making time feel really short.

to combat these pandemic burnouts, my roommates and i have dedicated every saturday to hike a different mountain in new england. great segue into my second rec, hiking boots. our first hike, i wore running shoes, i was fine, but trust me, it ain’t fun climbing these hills with no grip or arch support. for our second hike, i had to get some hiking boots. i went with Merrell’s X Outdoor Voices Moab 2 Boots. Merrell’s Moabs are one of their classic hiking boots. and i’m a sucker for that one thing a brand is known for. these boots had amazing grip, waterproof, and i didn’t even have to break them in. made a boy super happy on these mountains.

oh — and a little bonus rec is Outdoor Voices, a brand dedicated to doing things and staying active. they’re very inclusive with sizing and their models. their RecTrek shorts are amazing (tyler and alex can both testify to this).

third rec. i get pretty hungry on these hikes, and there’s no room for my fruit snacks on my shorts or t-shirt. for extra extra pockets without making me sweat, i copped Carhatt’s Black Elmwood Vest. i love the excessive pockets and the silhouette that this vest has. i can store everything i need .. keys, fruit snacks, chapstick, you name it. but okay, let’s be honest, i really just wanted a nice vest for errands in the city to go over my t-shirts or hoodies this fall. two birds one stone.

speaking of dope vests, rec number four. so a few weeks back, i randomly stumbled upon this ad on instagram for a south korean outdoor brand, called treksta. what caught my eye was the whole outdoorsy getup that the girls had on. it’s … different from what we see with the typical outdoor apparel we see at REI. it just always had this dad vibe to it (not that that’s bad, it’s a classic). treksta caught my eye because of this very reason, they’re re-imagining outdoor wear. with their 752 line, they did just that. that’s when i knew i have to get my hands on their vest.

~ record scratch ~

okay. so treksta is a small company, and they only ship in south korea. but i need this vest. i love finding and supporting these small brands with a vision, so i have to get my hands on it

but that’s all i have for this week, i’ll keep you posted on my vest adventure, but for now —

peace & love, take care ❤️